How To Combine/Trade-In Blueprints In Rocket League


Rocket League encourages players to combine excess blueprints to make it easier to get exotic and black market items with higher level blueprints.

When the Rocket League went free-to-play, it launched a new market for blueprints that allowed players to buy specific cosmetics at a lower price than they could in the in-game shop. This also allowed players, as long as they had acquired the blueprint, to buy a particular cosmetic whenever they wanted. Certain blueprints are more expensive than others, and to render higher-level blueprints, lower-tier blueprints may be traded and combined.

Not everybody, however, was enthusiastic about the new market for blueprints. Instead of unlocking cosmetics outright, players would now unlock a schematic in order to get a cosmetic object they would have to use real money to buy. In the Rocket League, there are still ways to get free cosmetic items, but it's not almost as regular as it was once. However, blueprints allow players, if they are able to find the right one, to buy rare items at a discounted price. By merging them and making even better blueprints, players can put their useless blueprints to use.

How To Combine/Trade-In Blueprints In Rocket League

The more players play, the more blueprints they will accumulate. Players will build up a hearty supply of blueprints over time, the bulk of which they will not redeem. Players can also acquire many of the same blueprints, making them worthless because more than one does not make sense to redeem. However, a mechanism has been placed in place by the Rocket League to help players ease some of the pressures of storing too many plans. In return for one random blueprint of the next tier rarity, players can trade in five of the same rarity blueprint. The rate of the transaction looks something like this.

 • Five Rare Blueprints = One Very Rare Blueprint

 • Five Very Rare Blueprints = One Import Blueprint

 • Five Import Blueprints = One Exotic Blueprint

 • Five Exotic Blueprints = One Black Market Blueprint

By right-clicking on a blueprint the player wants to trade-in, the trade-in menu can be accessed from the blueprint storage screen. Black Market Blueprints are the biggest rarity (and the coolest cosmetics). These are perhaps the most costly blueprints to reclaim, however. To reclaim a single Black Market Blueprint costs 2,000 Rocket League Credits. As part of the Battle Pass, credits can be accumulated for free over time, but purchasing them with real money is much quicker and simpler. Players now have a use for the hundreds of unique blueprints they accumulate for each play session, however.


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