[NBA News] Data analysis Paul is one of the NBA's best point guard

The point guard position has never been as important as it is today and has never had so many superstars as it is today.

ESPN:数据证保罗乃最佳控卫 效率值历史第一

Casual count: Westbrook may play three pairs of data per game; Harden changed to play point guard after leading the league assists list; Curry this season may enter the "50-40-90 Club"; Wizards of Wal-just cut The next 52 points; Owen in the case of James is still the team's first scorer; the Green Army Thomas became the team history of the first point guard; also Lilard, Lori, Walker and so on. Just point guard can be packed full half-time all-star game.

In this golden age of point guards, we certainly did not forget Paul. This is Paul's 12th season, in the ESPN's real positive and negative (RPM) data list, Paul is still lead the league. But Paul can still maintain this state? It was given a negative answer, because this season he averaged 18 points and 9 assists in the transcripts with Harden and Wei less than up, indeed a lot of color.

ESPN:数据证保罗乃最佳控卫 效率值历史第一

Last season in the real positive and negative value of the rankings, Paul came in third, with a difference leading MVP Curry, for the seventh consecutive year to maintain the top ten. In fact, high-end data such as true positive and negative values ​​are used to better measure players like Paul, since Paul's role is not just a post-match statistic that can be interpreted. So, why Paul in the real positive and negative values ​​will have such a good performance?

The first is defensive. Paul as the eight-time defensive team selected, its defensive ability has always been affirmed. In the past five seasons, Paul has entered the best defensive while, and this five years no other players can do this. His steals data is a good illustration of this. 31-year-old Paul is still leading the league's steals list, never a player like Paul has been more than three times to get the king of steals. For a point guard, averaging 2.5 steals is not difficult, it is difficult to achieve this level of defense at the age of Paul, only 1973-74 season, West has done this.

Of course, the defense is not just about steals. When Paul was out, the Clippers lost 8.8 points per turn lower than when Paul was there. The role of Paul is equally important for tactics, when the presence of Paul, the Clippers error ratio of 14%, and when Paul end, the data increased to 16%. Although it looks little change, but in fact it is the league's 15th and 26th in the league's huge gap.

Take a look at Paul's restrictions on opponents. When Paul was there, the opposing point guard averaged 5.9 assists and 3.3 turnovers per 36 minutes, shooting 41.5 percent from the floor and 1.79 turnovers. If you look at this assists than mistakes, the data is only ranked this season starting more than 15 times the league's 24 point guard in the 22. When Paul was out, they averaged 6.3 assists and 2.6 turnovers. So it is clear that the presence of Paul for the Clippers defense has great significance.

ESPN:数据证保罗乃最佳控卫 效率值历史第一

If only to see ESPN's true and negative value of the defense, then, Paul ranked fifth, is the only point guard. After him, the next point guard, to have to turn four pages to turn to 123 of the Marcus - Smart. 3.25 This true plus or minus defensive data means that Paul's defense will have 3.25 points per 100 possessions. In this list, Paul's advantage is huge, leading any other six times as much as a point guard.

Finish defense, we take a look at Paul's attack. Although Paul averaged 17.7 points in just 13th in the point guard, and 9 assists are only ranked fifth, but his offensive and negative real value has reached the fourth, which is why?

Intuitive observation can also be found, Paul presence and absence, the Clippers attack has a world of difference. When Paul was there, the Clippers could get 112.5 points per 100 possessions, finishing third in the league, behind the Warriors and the Raptors. When he ended, the data plummeted to 102.3 points, falling directly into the bottom half of the Union.

SportsVU data from another aspect of Paul's attack. So far this season, the Clippers passing by Paul shot hit rate of 54%, three-point shooting rate of 45%. If the ball is not Paul pass out, then the other person's hit rate is only 43%, third of the hit rate is only 34%. Griffin, Jordan and Redick both benefited greatly from Paul's passing.

ESPN:数据证保罗乃最佳控卫 效率值历史第一

Taking into account the real positive and negative values ​​depends on each round of data analysis, the data can only be traced back to the 2000-01 season. In these 16 years, at this age of Paul played the same performance, only last season, James and 2000-01 season, Stockton. Paul is more like the latter Stockton, he also played in the 38-year-old age of more than 6 offensive and negative values ​​and more than 3 defense positive and negative values.

If we use the player efficiency value (PER) to measure Paul, you can also see Paul's outstanding performance. Paul's efficiency rating of 27.5 this season is his best since the 2008-09 season data, and for the league's highest ever point guard efficiency, than the 1990-91 season, Magic Johnson is also higher than 2.4. Even if the addition of shooting guard, only the 1996-97 season, Jordan's efficiency than Paul even higher.

Regardless of which high-end data analysis of Paul, Paul is one of the NBA's best point guard.