[NFL News] Griffin III will be the first 16 weeks of the game against San Diego Lightning

Cleveland Browns fans can continue to see Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III), US time Monday, the team coach Hugh - Jackson (Hue Jackson) announced that Griffin III will start 16 weeks against San Diego Lightning match.

布朗格里芬三世将首发 新旧四分卫谁更胜一筹

It is reported that although Griffin III as a starter, but for insurance purposes, the team will make backup quarterback Cody - Ke Sile (Cody Kessler) ready to play ready.

Griffin III did not perform very well against Buffalo Bill in 15 weeks, but did not say he was a poor performer. He finished 17 of 28 passes, advanced 196 yards, and made eight runs of his own 48 yards and a touchdowns.

The team also saw a lot of shining spot in the quarterback Keysler, but two games can not prove anything, but Griffin III just played three games can not explain what the problem.

So the next thing Brown wants to do is let the quarterback compete and know the 2017 season.