A Guide to several Competitive Rocket League Maps


Rocket League is a rapidly evolving game that is well on its way to being one of its day's most hyped games. Thanks to Psyonix's acquisition by Fortnite owner Epic Games, the competitive scene has also exploded over the past few months, and the New Year brought with it a record number of players to the game, with a peak of 112.48 thousand gamers registered in January 2021.

Here's a complete guide to some currently available competitive maps:



Mannfield is one of the privileged arenas in the game enough to be able to host the championship-deciding match during the offline season mode and is the perfect blend of a typical soccer stadium between futuristic and exotic arena.

The stadium has a capacity of 31,902 and is situated at the base of a heavily active volcano, according to multiple reports. There are six x100 boosts, twelve x28 boosts, and there are four different environments: day, night, stormy and snowy.

Park Beckwith

Park Beckwith.jpg

Beckwith Park, planned to be a small urban park located on the outskirts of a busy city, is named after one of the leading developers of the game and has a real rustic and well-worn look. There are three different settings, day, midnight, stormy, and the arena is also the default in the game for all things practice.

DFH Stadium  

DFH Stadium.png

Named after the CEO and Studio Owner of Psyonix, David F. The Champions Field was "Dave" Hagewood, DFH Stadium before Champions Field was added to the game. Equipped with a 25,282 capacity, it is another stadium that can come with the season mode of the game as the final.

Forbidden Temple


Forbidden Temple is still one of the most recent maps to be added to the game, having only been added in January 2020, and perhaps the most picturesque arena Psyonix has ever put on the screen. The arena, built with a Far Eastern theme, is filled with this warm pink glow and finished flowers of lotus, stone statues, and beautiful waterfalls trickling through the action.

Neon Fields

Neon Fields.jpg

Neon Fields, the definitive new map to be implemented into the competitive pool, was added to the Rocket League following the live game of Season 2 in December 2020. These days, the map has the retro wave aesthetic so common online and is stocked with bright contrasting lights, snazzy soundtracks, and funky visuals.


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