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DOFUS Touch Brutas Kamas

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  • 1000K Brutas Kamas
  • 11.8 USD
  • 2000K Brutas Kamas
  • 23.36 USD
  • 3000K Brutas Kamas
  • 35.05 USD
  • 4000K Brutas Kamas
  • 46.73 USD
  • 5000K Brutas Kamas
  • 57.82 USD
  • 6000K Brutas Kamas
  • 69.38 USD
  • 7000K Brutas Kamas
  • 80.95 USD
  • 8000K Brutas Kamas
  • 92.51 USD
  • 9000K Brutas Kamas
  • 104.08 USD
  • 10000K Brutas Kamas
  • 114.46 USD
  • 11000K Brutas Kamas
  • 125.91 USD
  • 12000K Brutas Kamas
  • 137.35 USD
  • 13000K Brutas Kamas
  • 148.8 USD
  • 14000K Brutas Kamas
  • 160.24 USD
  • 15000K Brutas Kamas
  • 169.92 USD
  • 16000K Brutas Kamas
  • 181.25 USD
  • 17000K Brutas Kamas
  • 192.58 USD
  • 18000K Brutas Kamas
  • 203.9 USD
  • 19000K Brutas Kamas
  • 215.23 USD
  • 20000K Brutas Kamas
  • 224.2 USD


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DOFUS Touch/ is also a PvP game with wars between guilds, alliances and an arena where the players can fight each other in 3 vs 3!

A peaceful planet, over which reigned the magic of the Dofus, six dragon eggs, symbols of power and bringers of hope until the terrible day on which they were stolen. Since then, the harmony has been disturbed. Elements and monsters have gone wild. The world needs a hero!

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