Q: Why do we call you?

Q: Why do we need some documents for verifying?

Q: Why did I receive nothing after I paid?

Q: How do I update the player information?

Q: Why you keep saying that you have not received my payment, is it a scam?

Q: Is it safe to purchase here ?

Q: Do you have enough Coins on PS/Xbox/PC?

Q: How long will it take to receive Coins after payment ?

Q: Will you refund me if I did not receive the Coins?

Q: What payment method do you support?

Q: Can I pay via CASHU in Euro

Q: Can I get refund for paysafecard payment

Q: Will I receive a confirmation email after I paid

Q: Why it takes so long to pay via Ebanx


LOLGA Website Upgrade !

LOLGA has been accompanying us for 7 years. Thanks for all the customers, thanks for your accompany. But recent years, lots of our customers contact us of several bugs they found, thanks for this, and we did an important decision, that is to update the system of our website to give you a better service for your support. Now it is done on Descember 7th, 2017. Maybe you are not used to this system at the moment, If you have any problem, plz contact us through live chat, we will help you. And we added many wonderful functions, such as integrating system, discount system, waiting for you to experience.