A new event in Fortnite is always something special

Fortnite’s newest patch, is that the biggest of the year to this point, and not simply because of the Hallowe'en event. whereas Fortnitemares is probably going planning to be what holds most players’ attention, this patch conjointly includes a number of additional additions to the sport.

First, can come the revolver from the vault, whereas conjointly change the gun to relinquish it a additional outlined place within the game. Meanwhile, Epic is additionally adding some new things to Playground mode and testing out some changes that may permit players to deploy their heavier-than-air craft throughout any Battle Royale game.

Finally, there area unit a number of changes returning to the storm which will create it move a touch quicker, that ought to speed games up particularly in games that last till the ultimate few circles.

Find additional clarification and details below. As always, if you wish the complete summing up of everything that’s enclosed with this week’s patch, you'll explore our full patch notes.


A new event in Fortnite is usually one thing special, however now around it’s a touch additional concerned. For Hallowe'en this year, Epic Games is hosting the Fortnitemares event. the most important addition area unit the new AI enemies that wander the map and fight anyone United Nations agency gets shut. If you're lucky enough to kill them they’ll conjointly drop things and provides you a touch little bit of defend as a gift.

The revolver was rounded not too way back as a result of it didn’t very have an area within the game. basically, the gun was a worse version of the hand canon — that conjointly got buffed this patch. currently the revolver is back, however it’s got a brand new name: the six shooter. This “new” gun works just like the revolver did once you aim it, shooting associate degree correct high-damage shot. however once discharged from the hip, the six shooter wide sprays in-front of you, unleashing all of its bullets in a very matter of seconds.

Yep, a bit like within the limited-time Soaring mode, you'll currently open your heavier-than-air craft anyplace in mid-air as long as it’s on top of 10m within the air. All you have got to try to to is press jump and your heavier-than-air craft can deploy. whereas this feature addition has already caused some considerations for players, United Nations agency suppose it'll cut back the importance of things just like the launch pad, Epic has expressed that the options addition is simply a take a look at which the corporate is searching for player feedback on that.

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This change isn’t way more difficult than it sounds. once the second storm, all of the opposite storms can begin moving quite an bit quicker. instead of the one hundred twenty seconds players had to barter their means from the third circle to the fourth they’ll have ninety second and therefore the time is moving from seventy to fifty between the fifth and sixth circles. fortunately the storm’s harm is obtaining a small amount of a nerf to assist players that don’t move as quickly as they ought to. altogether honesty, this transformation seemingly won’t create an enormous distinction in most games, outside of creating them feel a touch quicker.

Playground mode is quite simply an area for players to apply their skills and have fun: currently, it’s conjointly an area for players to require on new challenges. Epic is adding new things to the mode referred to as Port-A-Challenge which can add obstacle courses, building challenges, and a target range, all with totally different, more and more tough goals, that they're going to raise players to finish.