Active use of the three-point ball has introduced a new power

The game has changed dramatically over the past few years by asking fans and retired players who will tell you that faster and more evenly placed players can be swapped for more ball movement and strategy games.

Active use of the three-point ball has introduced a new power, 20-point lead can be easily dissolved, no team more than the Golden State Warriors more vividly embodies this fresh basketball style, NBA in this Brand marketing is also very happy to promote.

At the peak (the playoffs), the world's best mobile phone can become the top ten games on iOS, while NBA Live Mobile is not (the highest U.S. total sales)

At the time of writing, EA's Live Mobile is closing its first anniversary and is one of the top 100 applications, but it is not a top 20 champion.


We're in the midst of the NBA playoffs and the prime time for the NBA, and this weekend, NBA Live Mobile is the 39th in the iPhone list (compared to EA's Madden Mobile 2nd in the NFL playoffs).

This is certainly lower than the expected value of EA. It took years to develop games, iterations, and polish to nurture the next billion-dollar franchise.

In order to compare console products - the NBA 2K17 has sold 3.6 million copies while the Madden NFL sold 4 million copies (, PS4 and XBox One in the United States).

When NBA products were so powerful and the brand was in full swing in the playoffs, NBA Live Mobile did not make any progress, but why?

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