All the 12 DIY items and customization available in Animal Crossing New Horizons

At least 8 of the DIY items are decor or furniture, while the remainder is wallpapers or flooring. Players can get the recipe for these things from their villagers if they are available across one crafting such items. they're going to need to keep visiting these villagers throughout the month and check out their luck.


Once players have these recipes, they will make the subsequent items:

Mushroom Wand: a bit like the other wands within the game, however, this one seems like a mushroom. to form this wand players will need 3 skinny mushrooms and 3-star fragments.

Mush Umbrella: The umbrella maybe a decor item and serves no practical use. However, it stills beautifies the island. Players need 3 flat mushrooms to form the umbrella.

Mush Log: The mush log maybe a log stool with mushrooms growing out of it. The recipe for this item is 2 skinny mushrooms and a log stool.

Mush Table: this is often a 2×2 table that appears sort of a big flat mushroom. to form one, players need 2 flat mushrooms and 6 wood.

Mush Lamp: it's a lamp that appears sort of a mushroom and lights up neon green. Players can make a mush lamp with a thin mushroom and 5 clay.

Mush Low Stool: it's another stool which features a lower height and appears sort of a round mushroom and thus needs 2 of these to form.

Mush Partition: this is often just a bunch of thin mushrooms (3) put together to form a fence.

Mush Parasol: The parasol is simply another decor that appears sort of a tall flat mushroom with a stool next thereto. The recipe demands 3 flat mushrooms to form the parasol.

These indoor decors include one wreath, two wallpapers, and one flooring. All of those have a forest/mushroom theme.

Mush Wall: This a cute wallpaper with peach highlights and white mushroom stickers. one among all the mushrooms except the rare one is required to form this item.

Forest Wall: This wallpaper gives an identical feel thereto of an actual forest. it's a forest floor with a few recurring trees painted thereon. additionally, to the recipe of the mush wall, players will need 10 wood to form a forest wall.

Mushroom Wreath: this is often probably one of the prettiest decor items within the season. Players can create one with 10 tree branches, and one each of the round, skinny, and flat mushrooms.

Forest Flooring: The flooring simply sorts of a forest bed after the Fall season, crammed with withered away leaves. Players will need all kinds of mushrooms except the elegant mushroom, alongside 10 clumps of weed to make the item.

Apart from all these decor items, players can go to to learn about the new customization changes.

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