Animal Crossing: Check out the way to get hold of some of New Horizons' rarest items

One of the finest entries in the history of the franchise is possibly New Horizons. Adults, as well as children, spend countless hours creating exclusive island designs.

By meeting targets, the players can also gain Nook miles. These allow players to design a plethora of interesting items that can be sold at a hefty price again.

Every new update brings a new thing to the game. Although some are instantly recognizable to others, often the players spend many hours until they come across them.

Some things are really rare in the same way, and not every player knows about them. It reiterates that the surface has just been scratched by most of us, and there is more to what meets the eye.

In Animal Crossing, watch for the following unusual items: New Horizons


Each season brings a whole new list of bugs to the players. It is important to remember that it also eliminates a few species of bugs. The Horned Hercules, the Giraffe Stag, and the Golden Stag are three of the rare bugs in the game. They are selling for a whopping 12,000 bells.

Around 5 PM to 8 AM in January-February and July-August, they appear at the same time of day.


Blossoming Cherry

During spring, one of the most picturesque moments in the game happens. This is when, in April, the cherry blossoms come out. They're visible for ten days only, and they're a big turning point in the game.


Deep-sea diving

New Horizons allows the players to go deep-sea diving and collect some crazy stuff. Here too, several rare things can be found by players that can be sold for a good profit.

The very rarest of these is the giant Gigas clam. It is only available and takes a bit of patience between May and September. However, aside from only selling it for a whopping 15,000 Animal Crossing Bells, there is not much that the players can do about it.


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