Animal Crossing's New Year's Countdown event guide


Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are celebrating the New Year with an occasion that has snazzy hats, fireworks, and food from around the world.

The year is coming to an in-depth, and fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can celebrate a la mode, because of the upcoming New Year's Day event. On New Year's Eve, 2020, players can prefer to become involved in the festivities and head to the plaza to hitch their town's villagers for an exciting New Year's Day party. The Animal Crossing New Year's Day countdown begins at 11 PM, so players will want to form sure they show abreast of time to speak to everyone before the party involves an in-depth.

The event technically goes all day, with Tom Nook and Isabelle available at the plaza starting at 5 AM for event setup. there's plenty to try to to to urge ready for this Animal Crossing event, from putting up decorations to dressing up during a cute outfit and party hat. Players also will want to form sure they do not attend bed right in the dark, as there's a fireworks show from 12 AM to 2 AM on January 1, right after the countdown. Players can celebrate with their villagers or invite friends from another island to enjoy the show together and hail within the New Year.

Players will want to speak to Animal Crossing's Isabelle before the event starts, as they're going to receive 5 Party Poppers and a light-weight Stick which will be used during the countdown. Players also can buy more party poppers from Tom Nook in packs of 5 for 300 Animal Crossing Bells. If Animal Crossing fans want some festive headwear to celebrate with, they will ask Tom Nook and buy a festive hat for 500 Bells. consistent with Game8, there are eight different colors of party hats and silk hats available, but Tom Nook will only have four options the player can pick from annually.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brings within the New Year With Fireworks

Players looking to try to some bonding with their Animal Crossing villagers can join them at the plaza during the countdown and spend time talking with each of them. The player will get to find out what each villager wants to try to do within the New Year, also as what their New Year's Day resolutions are. While the player can't answer with their own personal resolution, it's cute to understand what each villager is hoping to realize as 2020 is put to rest.

Players also can purchase different foods that are wont to celebrate the vacation around the world from the Nook Shopping Kiosk. Players can purchase these festive snacks from December 26 to New Year's Eve, in order that they will want to form sure they get them before 2021 begins. Spending the Judgment Day of the year with friends from other islands and their towns' villagers on Animal Crossing: New Horizons is certain to be a blast, with party poppers to line off and fireworks to observe. Hopefully, it'll inaugurate another exciting in-game year for fans.

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