Check out 5 Best Bridge Area Designs for Animal Crossing New Horizons

We'll go over 5 innovative bridge designs that you can use on your island, as well as bridge positioning ideas and tips for improving the areas around your bridges.


Design Ideas for Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge

Bridges are a popular structure in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and they have a powerful terraforming feature that gives you endless design options for your island. You can create a variety of bridge styles in the game, and they differ depending on which version you choose. Building various types of bridges costs different amounts of Animal Crossing bells, and you can demolish the structure for 10,000 Animal Crossing Bells if you change your mind on the place you chose.

The following is the list of all bridge types and their prices:

 • Zen bridge – 228,000 Bells

 • Log bridge – 98,000 Bells

 • Red zen bridge – 228,000 Bells

 • Iron bridge – 228,000 Bells

 • Stone bridge – 168,000 Bells

 • Suspension bridge – 129,800 Bells

 • Wooden bridge – 168,000 Bells

 • Brick bridge – 198,000 Bells

Since it takes a lot of bells to construct or dismantle a bridge, make sure you have one in place before deciding on your design. So let's take a look at some incredible bridge area concept concepts to get you inspired.

Waterfall Zen Bridge

Zen Bridge.jpg

Here's an amazing bridge concept - the diagonal plus the on top of the waterfall bridge is special. The work is unique in that it incorporates the two Zen bridges into a breathtaking landscape by transforming natural waterfalls and cliffs.

Zen Bridge Over Double-sided Waterfall

This one really throws us out for a loop, but we've got this awesome zen bridge and we're looking at the view here-over it's a double-sided waterfall with a sunk river and sunk waterfalls just to the left that leads to the campground, it's all breathtaking. Especially at this time of the day, like here at sunset, the colors and everything is just brilliant and the area really shines.

Brick Bridge of Fountain Park

Brick Bridge of Fountain Park.jpg

This is an in-game bridge-a highly underestimated brick bridge. Of course, you can never go wrong with a diagonal bridge, but the innovative design can make it unique and stylish. Look at this design, we don't know how the designer comes up with this kind of centerpiece decoration, but it just looks amazing. The fountain is hidden by the floating biotope planter, which looks very phenomenal.

Suspension Bridge at Sawmill

Suspension Bridge at Sawmill.jpg

Here's another diagonal bridge constructed in a lovely rainforest-like island, with waterfalls super close to it. You can imagine walking over a bridge like this in real life, and how beautiful it would be to see the waterfalls right there. It seems that this is a small bridge constructed in a wild forest farm, connecting various areas of work. This peculiar idea transforms the conventional design model of a sawmill, which is impressive.

In Park Brick Bridge

This is the Brick Bridge again, which is the transition season bridge that works very well for Autumn just as it does for Spring. The creator even designed it on the waterfall, and there's a small park with a fountain down there. And on the other hand, another waterfall that comes from a higher cliff produces a layered elegance.


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