Check out Rocket League Season 2 Player Anthems

Psyonix announced already with a tease for subsequent Rocket League season that the sport would be getting an innovative new feature soon called "Player Anthems." Fitting in perfectly with the musically-inclined season that's starting soon, these Player Anthems are unique ways for players to point out off their biggest in-game moments by playing different tracks as soon as something important happens. The developer shared more information on the Player Anthems within the week to expand on how they'll work and what players can expect from them in the future.


Once Season 2 is underway, players are going to be ready to find these Player Anthems locked behind things like challenges or the Rocket Pass tiers with both free and premium tracks included within the latter. They'll even be within the item buy players to get if there's one that stands out.

As for the rarities of those Player Anthems, they'll show up in several rarities a bit like the prevailing items in Rocket League do. to urge players to start, Psyonix said it's providing people with five different Common Player Anthems when Season 2 starts.

Those are all listed below.

First Rocket League Season 2 Player Anthems

 • "We Speak Chinese" - by Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival

 • "I Can Be" - by Mike Ault feat. Crysta

 • "Love Thru the Night" - by Mike Ault

 • "Angel Wings" - by Mike Ault feat. Avianna Acid

 • "Flying Forever" - by Mike Ault feat. Morgan Perry

In addition to the new Player Anthems, we already know now that Rocket League's next season will include a replacement playlist crammed with experimental and rotating game modes also. It's also getting a replacement arena to suit in with the remainder of the music theme Season 2 centers around.

Rocket League Season 2 is scheduled to start on December 9th. Get prepared for it.

More information about the big, pending next-gen update for Rocket League should follow within the coming weeks and months. we'll in fact keep you up so far on! Also, we'll update Rocket League Items for PS5 and Xbox Series purchasable here at the primary time to satisfy players' demand.

2020-12-07 10:25:12