Detailed guide for growing money trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Growing money trees in Animal Crossing allows you to quickly earn a huge number of bells. These trees are similar to fruit trees, but instead of peaches or pears, they will produce bags of Bells. The amount of money they grow depends on how much you plant, but a single tree can provide 300,000 Bells if you're lucky.

Here's how to grow a money tree in Animal Crossing, along with an estimate of how much money you'll make.

How to grow a money tree

Every day, a "shining spot" will appear on your island in a random position. This area, which like a bright golden light rising from the ground, is where you'll plant your money tree.

1. With a shovel, dig up the brightest area on your island. A bag of 1,000 Bells will be buried in the hole, and the hole will keep glowing.

2. Stay close to the hole and access your inventory, then select a bag of bells and select Bury in Hole from the options.

3. When you bury the money, it will be replaced by a little sapling.

4. Wait for the tree to grow for three days. It does not require watering.

5. Return to the spot where you planted your money tree once the three days have passed. You'll come upon a fully grown tree with three money bags in place of fruit, which you may grab by shaking the tree.

Your money tree will become an ordinary tree after you shake the bags down. However, because a new glowing place occurs every day, you can only plant one new money tree per day.

How many bells you can earn from money trees

The number of bells your trees produce is determined by how much you bury. The more bells you bury, the more likely you are to win the money tree jackpot.

When you plant the tree, your game determines how much money it will grow for you. There's no pattern or reason to this selection, it's just random.

Based on what you plant, here's how many bells you'll get. 

• Between 100 and 1,000 Bells, it's growing 1,000 Bells per bag.

• Between 1,001 and 9,999 Bells, 70% chance of growing 1,000 Bells per bag; 30% chance of growing the same amount that you buried per bag.

• Between 10,000 Bells and 99,999 Bells, 70% chance of growing 10,000 Bells per bag; 30% chance of growing the same amount that you buried per bag.

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