Diablo 2 resurrected Guide: 50 Tips & Tricks in Diablo 2 resurrected for new player

Today we are going to bring you guys 50 Tips & Tricks in Diablo 2 resurrected. If you are new to this game, you better watch it carefully.

1. You can fill a Tome of Town Portal or Tome of Identify from mechants by holding shift and right clicking.

2. Thawing Potion and Antidote Potion provide +50% Cold/Poison Resistance respectively, as well as giving 10% Maximum Resistance for 30 seconds each. If you drink multiple potions, you can stack the duration time. The stacking effect also works with
Stamina Potion, which is helpful in the early game.

3. Poison Length Reduction has a maximum of 75%. In Nightmare and Hell difficulties, you receives the same penalties as you do for resistances (-40% and -100%), meaning you require additional stacking to reach the maximum.

4. Poison Shrines make you immune to Poison completely.

5. When you die and don't have inventory space for all of your potions, the game goes line by line from the bottom left to decide what potions are dropped and what you carry. Because of this, it can be beneficial to carry your Full Rejuvination Potion in the left-most slot.

6. Smite and Holy Shield don't normally appear on a Scepter, but if the game attempts to select them multiple times during item generation, the game will eventually give up as a fail-safe and spawn the Scepter with one of those skills. The chances of this is one in the tens of thousands.

7. Auto-mod properties on items (such as Mana on a Sorceress Orb or All Resistance on Paladin Shields) have no level requirement applied to non-magical items. For example, you could find a high ilvl Targe with +45% All Resistance with a level requirement of 3.

8. If you're using Conviction and an enemy is using a higher level Conviction aura, their aura will cancel out yours. If yours is higher, you'll cancel out theirs. Enemies will never have higher than level 11 (Infinity gives level 12), except Uber Mephisto, who has level 20.

9. Using an Eld or El Rune with a Chipped Gem and a low quality Weapon/Armor, you can cube them to normal quality Weapon/Armor. Doing so will set the ilvl to 1, which can be setup for runewords. For example, a Scourge with ilvl 1 has a maximum of 3 sockets, which means you'll get 3 from Larzuk, or improve your chances of getting 3 with the socketing recipe.

10. In the Blood Moor, you'll often get a small cabin which has a bed inside. By clicking it, you open a secret chest and can get a large number of item drops.

11. When you encounter a unique and its minions, if you stray far enough where the unique can't see you, the minions may still run towards you, but won't attack. You can use this to lure them away and slowly kill the pack.

12. You can fill your Belt with potions from a merchant by holding shift and right clicking.

13. Because Diadem have such high quality and magic levels, you can imbue them at any character level and you'll have the same item generation as you would with even a level 99 character.

14. If you die during a game, the resistance scrolls from the quest where you save Anya will stop working, but will not display as such on your stats screen. To reset this, simply exit and enter a new game.

15. Magic Find has diminishing returns for Rare, Set, and Unique items, that is, you only get a fraction of your total Magic Find towards them (in a logarithmic formula). Any decimals are truncated in this formula, so you functionally, have "MF Break Points". For example, 300% MF is only effectively 136% for uniques, and 301% MF is also effectively 136% for uniques. To reach 137% MF for uniques, you require 304% Magic Find.

16. The superuniques from the waves of monsters spawned by Baal only drop items as well as a champion would. For example, Pindleskin has significantly better drops than Lister the Tormentor.

17. Up until character level 25, monsters who are significantly above or below your level will give only a fraction of experience. However, once you reach level 25, only monsters below have this penalty.

18. Certain Shrines cannot appear in places where the area level is too low, such as a Monster Shrine in Blood Moor on Normal difficulty. However, similar to Smite and Holy Shield on Scepter, if the shrine selection is re-rolled too many times, you can on rare occasion get any shrine.

19. Many types of Weapons and Armors appear as Uniques and Sets more than once such as Sacred Armor for both Templar's Might and Tyrael's Might. Each one has an associated rarity, and lower level qlvls cannot spawn certain items. For example, given an unidentified unique Sacred Armor there is an 8/9 chance it will be Templar's Might and a 1/9 chance it will be a Tyrael's Might, but if the qlvl is 86 or lower, it can only ever be Templar's Might.

20. Affixes on items can only appear for certain ilvls. For example, the suffix "of Vita" on Grand Charms for 41-45 Life can only appear on Grand Charms with ilvl 91 or higher. When hunting for specific affixes, it's beneficial to go for the lowest possible to prevent unwanted affixes for better chances. You can use this website for more information: https://diablo3.ingame.de/diablodb/affi ... &patch=111

21. +% to Fire and Lightning Skill Damage from items only adds onto Fire Mastery and Lightning Mastery, and isn't multiplied separately.

22. Merchants in each act reduce their prices by 10% after completing certain quests. They are: rescuing Deckard Cain, killing Radament, finding Lam Esen's Tome, and killing Izual. Act 5 starts at 180%, but is reduced by half after killing Shenk.

23. Quest weapons ( Horadric Staff, Khalim's Flail, Khalim's Will, Hellforge Hammer) can be used by any character since they have no Strength or level requirements. They're great budget items for twinking low-level characters.

24. Faster Run/Walk has no (realistic) caps and all increases are beneficial.

25. While typing a message, pressing up and down Arrows will scroll through previous sent messages.

26. Weapon and armor racks spawn items based on RNG. In single-player if you move and perform actions in the same manner on the same map, you can get consistent item types. For other items, you can take different paths, use a TP and walk around town, etc. For example, you can repeatedly get Plated Belt from an armor rack on a particular map and rack, which may possibly be magical, set, or even unique.

27. Assassins can open locked chests without a Key.

28. It's easy to overlook the math regarding resistances and not realize that going from 75% to 80% means you're taking four fifths of what you were at 75%. To make more clearly, if you take 2000 damage from a fire attack at -100%, you would take 1000 damage at 0%, 500 damage at 50%, 250 damage at 75%, 200 damage at 80%, 100 damage at 90% and 50 damage at 95%.

29. Telekinesis is an excellent quality-of-life skill, being able to activate a multitude of objects, pickup some items, use your stash, waypoints, and more.

30. During combat, a pink splash will appear whenever Crushing Blow is dealt. There are also red and blue swirls for life/mana stealing.

31. Half Freeze Duration is a simple yes/no check and does not stack. Cannot Be Frozen is the same, except strictly better. Holy Freeze while appearing to freeze does not actually do so and only causes a slowing effect.

32. You can restore Hydra charges to Hellfire Torch by dragging the Repair icon to it.

33. By using glitched rushes, you can save the experience points from Normal and Nightmare Ancients. The experience gained from them are 1400000, 20000000, and also for Hell, 40000000. These are not affected by experience penalties from being over level 70.

34. Damage Reduced by % is capped at 50%, but you can stack it to compensate the loss from Decrepify or Amplify Damage curses.

35. Holding Shift and pressing your potion hotkeys will immediately give it to your mercenary.

36. Safety crafted shields have 5-10% Magic Resistance, which reduces damage from Bone Spirit, Blessed Hammer, and other Magic attacks. It's not seen anywhere else, but isn't particularly useful.

37. Talking to Warriv and going to Act 1 is much faster to access a waypoint when starting in Act 2.

38. Health and Mana potions have a chance to have double their normal effects based on your Vitality/Energy points. After 200 points, you receive diminishing returns.

39. Barbarians can dual-wield damaging potions such as Strangling Gas Potion, or mix them with a weapon.

40. Certain types of Body Armors and Shields will decrease movement speed and also increase Stamina drain. See Base Items and filter by Light/Medium/Heavy.

41. Prevent Monster Heal cannot be inflicted by a Mercenary or Iron Golem, only the player.

42. Light Radius by default is 13 and is capped at 18. Having a Hellfire Torch with its +8 almost certainly ensures you have maximum visibility.

43. Defense vs Missiles is still applied while using Berserk.

44. On rare occasion, you can see Lut Gholein and earlier areas from around Valley of Snakes and Lost City depending on your map. However, you cannot Teleport across.

45. Deadly Strike and Critical Strike have identical effects and are calculated separately, but both effects can not occur simultaneously.

46. By using the weapon upgrade recipe, you can turn Hellforge Hammer, Staff of Kings, and Horadric Staff into Hand Axes, Hatchets, and Tomahawks. See Recipe: Exceptional Version of Weapon, Recipe: Elite Version of Weapon.

47. Rare Jewels can be rerolled using Perfect Skull, but the ilvl is degraded. However, this can be used to create powerful Jewels for lower level characters.

48. The path to Nihlathak in the Halls of Vaught can be determined based on which wall the eye texture is on. See Map Reading for more info.

49. While activating the Halls of Pain waypoint removes the portal to Pindleskin, he can still be accessed through the door in Halls of Anguish.

50. An Act 2 Mercenary with Prayer aura and holding Insight will have a double healing effect as Prayer is also activated through Meditation.

Ok, that's it. Hope it can help you in game.

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