Every player available in Draft Tournaments is available at their fully-leveled OVR

In the history of Madden NFL Mobile, one feature has been requested by the community more than any other. We're proud to announce that the latest update of Madden NFL Mobile includes Draft Champions, a form of the popular MUT Draft mode in console versions of Madden.

Every weekend, you'll be able to draft and play with a brand-new team featuring some of the best players Madden Mobile has to offer. You’ll start off with an all-gold team and will be able to add to your roster over the course of 15 rounds. Every player available in Draft Tournaments is available at their fully-leveled OVR, and drafts will feature all types of players from this season of Madden Mobile, including program Masters, Legends, and more! Each of these Draft Tournaments will have a new high OVR Tournament Hero every week.


By completing Daily Goals, you can also earn three additional rounds for the draft.

Each Weekend Tournament will still have slightly different rules, so be sure to read them in advance so that you can best plan out your draft.

We are also bringing back our regular, non-holiday-themed weekly Offseason Programs, but with a twist. Last year, each day of the week corresponded to a different weekly program. This year, beginning with last week's All-Madden players, you can expect a new program every Wednesday through the end of the season. These programs will each last a week, with a themed Master for all of them. Once the weekends, the program players will still be available via sets and Live Events that will regularly appear on the Live Event map, but the best opportunity to get these players is during their featured week.

We are extremely excited to bring such an oft-requested feature to Madden NFL Mobile, and we can't wait to see your best drafts!

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