[FIFA News] 24 outgoing teams and 8 UEFA Champions League group 3 teams together this season the Eur

2016-17 season European Cup group stage cruised, 24 qualifying teams and eight Champions League group stage three teams together to form this season the European Cup 32 strong.

2016-17 UEFA Champions League Round of 32: Manchester United, Fenerbahce, Greek Athletics, Olympiacos, St Etienne, Anderlecht, Zenit, Alkmaar, Rome, Astra, Athletic, Bilbao Athletic, Genk, Ajax, Celta, Donetsk Miners, Ghent, Schalke 04, Krasnodar, Florence, Thessaloniki, Prague Sparta, Burschetthapur, Osmani Sports, Villarreal, Ludo Gorez, Besiktas, Borussia, Rostov, Tottenham, Warsaw Regiment, Copenhagen, Lyon.

Sola 0-2 Manchester United


Manchester United fight to qualify for the strong array, Ibrahimovic, Mata and Militaran in the wings, Herrera and Borgba sits midfield. The first 48 minutes, Rojo pass, Mu Xita good ball from the road into the restricted area right foot Tuishe succeeded, 0-1! This is his Manchester United career at the ball. 88 minutes, Bogba midfielder Zhisai the first time behind, Ibrahimovic broke into the restricted area to face the goalkeeper calmly pushed far corner to break, 0-2! This is Ibrahimovic this season, 12 balls. The final Manchester United 2 away victory over Sola, the second identity to qualify.

Inter Milan 2-1 Prague Sparta


This pre-plot 3 points Inter have been out ahead of schedule, Peoria discharged Palacio, Pinamoni and Edel composed of Trident, Biyabiani and Mi Ange fly together. 23 minutes, Pinar Monty within the restricted area to do the ball, Edel was saved with the attacking door, but Edel then blank range break, 1-0! Inter at home to lead. Easy side battles, Pelicic replaced Palacio, 54 minutes, Ducar pass, Marechek Road, the beautiful shakes off the net, the score became 1-1! The first 65 minutes, Andreolioli put down the foul in the restricted area of ​​La Fata, the referee penalty, but Dokal penalty kick was Carritsu saved! The first 90 minutes, An Sardi ball, Edel closed the line to get rid of defensive strong low shot broke, 2-1! Edel scored twice! Inter Milan final at home to beat Prague Sparta 2-1.

Astra 0-0 Rome

Has been ahead of the Roman rotation more than the main, Totti sudden, Itulbe and Salawi behind, Gerson and Stromans sits midfield. The first 33 minutes, Perez pass, Itoul Bay left foot Gongmen missed. The first 44 minutes, Bude Scucco pass, Ali Bage left foot volley was Allison siege. The first 62 minutes, Stroman pass, Shalawei restricted area on the left side of the right foot Gongmen, the other goalkeeper rescue. The first 71 minutes, Seq pass, Nain Gran outside the right foot long-range missed. The first 87 minutes, ituerbe biography, dominant head top partial. The final two teams 0-0 draw with the qualifying.

Rome (3421): 19-Allison / 17-Sec, 15-Vermaelen, 3- Juan / Perez, 6-Stroman - Gerson, 33 - Emerson (91 - Ricardo 89 ') / 7 - Itulbe, 92 - Salawi (9 - Dzeko 70') / 10 - Totti

Calabac 1-2 Florence

Purple lily only need to get 1 point away to qualify, Babaca in front of Chiesa and Sebastian in the wings, Budeli and Vicino sits midfield. The first 8 minutes, Bernardeski Chuanzhong, Astor header top partial. The first 30 minutes, Almeida field brought down Baddeley foul, Vicino free kick right foot slightly missed. The first 36 minutes, Oliveira pass, Benardilski hit the left foot inside the restricted area hit the column pop! Karabakh escaped.

The first 51 minutes, Kalini Qi replaced Baka. The first 60 minutes, Kalini Qi breakthrough to do the ball, Weiqinuo arc at the right foot volley to break, 0-1! Florence on the road ahead. The first 73 minutes, Quintana sent straight scalpel, Silva reached the restricted area in the face Tata Rusanu cool break, 1-1! 76 minutes, right-sided 45-degree pass in Florence, Gonzalo pass, Kaliniqi close right foot Gongmen blocked, Chiesa in front of the head blank range break, 1-2! The first 84 minutes, Chiesa received a second yellow card was sent off, the final 10 people to challenge the purple lily 1-2 score remained in the final, Florence get 13 points to the group first qualifying.

Florence (4231): 12 - Tata Rusanu / 40 - Tomovich, 2 - Gonzalo, 13 - Astori, 15 - Oliveira / 5 - Badley, 8 - Vichy Sebastian (20-Valero 61 ') / 30-Babaca (9) The official website of the European Commission / - Kallinic 51 ')

Group A (Fenerbahce and Manchester United qualify)

Feyenoord 0-1 Fenerbahce

This is a qualifying battle, Feyenoord must beat the opponent at home, both sides discharged the strongest array, Fenerbahce by Van Persie led. The first 22 minutes, Ozbek Lakley biography, Porto header ferry, Feyenoord defender header siege low-level errors, Shaoxiang beautiful barbs in front of the break, 0-1! Then Feyenoord fully counterattack, the first 45 minutes, Tuen Stella biography, Wei Leina left-footed hit the column pop, Fenerbahce will eventually be away to keep the score 1-0 to the end, and And ultimately head out.

Group B (Greek Athletics and Olympiakos qualify)

Young people 3-0 Astana

63 minutes, Grundt pass, Frey external right-foot long-range break, the young man 1-0 lead. The first 66 minutes, Shi Keke pass, the former Dalian Al Bin striker Valero restricted the right foot broke, 2-0! 71 minutes, Beto pass, Frey right foot Gongmen saved, Shi Qike then right foot broke, 3-0! The final 3-0 home victory over Astana young people.

Greek Athletics 2-0 Olympiacos

The first 20 minutes, Das Costa inadvertently Zigzag Oolong, Greeks Arena 1-0 lead. The first 83 minutes, Moras biography, Camargo in front of outflanking to seal the victory, 2-0! The final Greek home 2-0 victory over Olympiakos athletics, the first identity to the group qualify.

Group C (St Etienne and Anderlecht qualify)

Mainz 2-0 FK Gilan

The first 29 minutes, Fabian - Frei biography, Bell header was blocked, followed by Hacker restricted area left foot shot burst net, Mainz 1-0 lead. The first 40 minutes, Donaty right-sided out of the defensive cross, unmarked Brassis far point headed home, the score became 2-0! The final Mainz 2-0 defeat at home FK Gilan.

Anderlecht 2-3 Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne to get at least 1 minute to ensure that the qualifying, the first 21 minutes, A Qiaobang pass, Chip Pu break shot burst inside the restricted area, Anderlecht home 1-0 lead. The first 31 minutes, A Qiaobang sent a pass, Steinhaus scored within the restricted area left foot, 2-0! The first 54 minutes, Wan Kanpu handball foul restricted area was booked, but Sevite penalty throw penalty. 62 minutes, Marquette biography, Soderling head mallet broken network, 2-1! 67 minutes, Hamma biography, Soderance outflanking scored twice, 2-2! The first 74 minutes, Hamma right-sided breakthrough in the pass, the goalkeeper fell to the ground smash ball sell, Pacquette sent the ball into the open, the score into a 2-3! Final Saint Etienne on the road 3-2 reversal beat Anderlecht, to group top name qualify.

Group D (Zenit and Alkmaar qualifying)

Tel Aviv Makadi 2-1

The first 21 minutes, Rogers restricted the area to put down the Gordon fouls were booked Meytonian, Ben Haim penalty into the penalty, Tel Aviv Maccabi home 1-0 lead. The first 27 minutes, Dasa self-paced, the score became 1-1! 38 minutes, Ben Haimu ball, Micha will rewrite the score to 2-1! The final Tel Aviv Maccabi 2-1 win over the home.

Alkmaar 3-2 Zenit

Alkmaar will only qualify for the win. The opening only 7 minutes, Lein Stella's left foot shot, Alkmaar 1-0 home made dream start. The first 43 minutes, Tankovic to do the ball, Hapes restricted area right foot Gongmen succeeded, 2-0! 58 minutes, Anukov pass, Giuliano Zenit pulled one back, 2-1! The first 68 minutes, Sainte Jansi ball, Tankovic restricted area before the right foot shot broke, 3-1! The first 80 minutes, Wuttersi accidentally Zheliang Oolong, the score became 3-2! Alkmaar home 3-2 victory over Zenit, the two teams together qualify.

Group E (Rome and Astra qualifying)

Pilsen wins 3-2 in Vienna, Austria

Austria, Austria, as long as the road win over opponents have the opportunity to qualify. The first 18 minutes, Pilsen sent a red dot package, Hedega foul penalty area was sent off, Holza Usel penalty kick, 0-1! Vienna, Austria away lead. The first 40 minutes, Holzhazuer Biography, Rothpole expanded the score to 0-2!

The first 44 minutes, Kemenzik header ferry, Horawa left foot volley break network, 1-2! The first 72 minutes, Huo Lava Biography, Duris header, 2-2! The first 84 minutes, Zeman biography, Duris header scored twice, 3-2! Eventually only 10 people to fight the home victory over Pilsson 3-2 reversal of victory over Austria, Vienna.

Group F (Genk and Athletic Bilbao)

Sasoluo delayed Genk

The campaign was forced to postpone due to heavy fog on Friday, but the results of this game does not affect the overall situation, from the group's promotion are Genk and Athletic Bilbao.

Vienna Rapid 1-1 Athletic de Bilbao

Williams before the sudden, Munyah behind, Rico and Besga midfielder. The first 72 minutes, Yolding pass, Covilita Ya restricted right-sided goalkeeper was denied by the goalkeeper, Yoldington in front of blank range break, 1-0 lead in the fast home of Vienna. The first 84 minutes, Bilbao on the right-sided biography was a bit, Molina far to sweep the ball to the door, Saab Lyte outflank near shot, 1-1! The final two teams 1-1 draw, Athletic Bilbao smooth qualify.

Group G (Ajax and Celta qualify)

Standard Liège 1-1 Ajax

Standard Liege to qualify for the battle, the campaign they also discharged the strongest team, but the first goal is to get Ajax. 27 minutes, Van der Baker sent a pass, El Gazzi right foot inside the restricted area succeeded, 0-1! The first 84 minutes, Reggina Erle right-sided restricted area, Raman before the point Shuaitou break, 1-1! The two teams eventually draw, the standard Liège was eliminated.

Panathinaikos 0-2 Celta

Celta need to beat Panathinaikos have qualifying hope, Guidi Suddenly, Aureliana and Theo wings fly together. Opening only 4 minutes, Marlowe pass, Guidi Di high jump in the restricted area headed home, 0-1! Celta on the road to get a dream start. 79 minutes, Moledo put down inside the restricted area Guidi foul, Aureliana penalty kick, 0-2! Celta in the final 2-ball away defeat Panathinaikosi, to qualify.

Group H (Shakhtar Donetsk and Ghent)

Braga 2-4 Shakhtar Donetsk

The first 22 minutes, Marlos corner pass, Clive Thorpe header in front of 0-1! Donetsk miners on the road ahead. 39 minutes, Marlos pass, Tyson restricted area on the left side of the right foot Gongmen succeeded, the score into a 0-2! The first 43 minutes, Horta pass, Stojili Kovic headed home to regain a point, 1-2!

62 minutes, Fred biography, Cleft Soff header and then the next city, 1-3! Cliff Thorpe scored twice! 66 minutes, Mattov Nicky pass, Tyson restricted area on the left side of the right foot Gongmen succeeded, 1-4! Tyson scored twice! 89 minutes, Alan pass, Vukesiewicz left foot inside the restricted area succeeded, 2-4! The final miners in the away 4-2 victory over Braga, group stage 6 war undefeated qualifying, Braga home out.

Konya Sports 0-1 Ghent

The first 94 minutes, Mitrovic ball, Coulibali outside the world to complete the lore wave net, the final Ghent in the away 1-0 win over Konya sports, roots, eight points to force Braga to group The second identity outlet.

Group I (Schalke and Krasnodar qualify)

Nice 2-1 Krasnodar

51 minutes, Eboue frontcourt sent out Zhise, Smoloff restricted area on the left side of the right foot pushed far corner succeeded, 0-1! Krasnodar is leading the way. 61 minutes, Granquist put down the restricted area of ​​Lusamba was sent directly under the penalty, Bossetti penalty into the penalty, the score becomes 1-1! 77 minutes, Nice out on the right corner, Ma Hou before the point of the ball rub to the door, outflanking Ma Cha Cha to break shot, 2-1! Nice to go-ahead score! Eventually Nice to beat 10 Krasnodar 2-1.

Salzburg 2-0 Schalke 04

Schalke 04 has been qualified in advance to discharge a set of reserve lineup, led by Konopjan card. 22 minutes, Schlager received a teammate sent a small restricted area near the oblique pass shot near the left foot, Salzburg home 1-0 lead. The first 94 minutes, Wolff pass, Radovan Sevilla outside the right foot shot broke, 2-0! Salzburg finally beat Schalke at home 2 goals.

Group J (Fiorentina and Thessaloniki)

Thessaloniki 2-0 Liberec

The first 29 minutes, Martos biography, Rodriguez scored within the restricted area right foot shot, 1-0! Thessaloniki home lead. 67 minutes, Leo Wach biography, Pekas restricted area on the left side of the right foot Gongmen the ball into the lower left corner, 2-0!

Group K (Sparta Sparta and Bill Shevchenko)

Southampton 1-1 Bill Shevchenapur

Southampton discharged strong array, Simms, Austin and Redmond Trident, Hoyberg, Romero and Stephen - Davis to build 3 midfield system, the Japanese international Yoshida Ma also played. The first 2 minutes, Redmond pass, Austin header saved the door was saved. The first 36 minutes, Huo Beierer pass, Redmond was the goalkeeper to resolve the external right foot long-range. Then, Sean - Long for the injured Austin.

59 minutes, Stephen - Davis pass, Bertrand left foot long-range anti-aircraft guns. The first 68 minutes, Bertrand pass in the corner, Van Dick header top partial. 78 minutes, Sabatay pass, cloth Zagro restricted area before the direct right foot low shot, the ball hit the inside of the column into the door, 0-1! Bill Shevchenko made the lead away from home! 91 minutes, Tadic cross from the left, the Bulls header ferry, Van Dyke small ball restricted area Tuishe, defensive players hit the ball deflected legs, 1-1!

The final two teams draw, Southampton and Bill Shevchenko in the group stage with the plot with 8 points, the two sides clash between the two were 0-0 and 1-1, Bill Shevchenko with today in St. Marie's goal away to force the saints into the top 32!

Southampton (433): 1 - Foster / 2 - Cedric, 3 - Yoshida Ma, 17 - Van Dyck, 21 - Bertrand / 23 - Hoyerberger (16 - Plows 82 ') , 14-Romau, 8-Steven Davis / Simms (11 - Tadic 59 '), 10 - Austin (7 - Sean - Long 39'), 22 - Redmond

L group (Osmani Sports and Villarreal qualify)

Osmani Sports 2-0 Zurich

The two teams will fight for the qualifying, the home game of Osmani sports seem more active, the first 73 minutes, Mach pass, Dela Erge restricted area left foot broke, 1-0! 89 minutes, Umar ball, Kiri Kaslan to seal the victory, 2-0! The final Osmanley sports home 2-0 victory over Zurich to the identity of the first group qualify.

Villarreal 2-1 Bucharest star

Villarreal must beat the Bucharest star in order to control the initiative to qualify, Sang Suo and Bakampu side strike, Tregoros and Bruno - Soriano sits midfield. The first 15 minutes, Gaspar right-sided mass, Saussure outflanking homeopathic fire was blocked, Sansolen then left foot blank range succeed, 1-0! Villarreal made the lead at home. 39 minutes, the main defender of the submarine Moussaqio leave due to injury, Alvaro played.

The first 55 minutes, Tamas breakthrough pass, Achim in front of the beautiful shakes broke, 1-1! Bucharest star equalized the score. The first 60 minutes, Bakampu small angle right foot Gongmen, then Tamas ball, Popa right foot Gongmen be denied. 79 minutes, tamas received the second yellow card was sent off, Bucharest star only 10 people to fight. 88 minutes, Roberto - Soriano sent a pass, Triguros outside the restricted area to see the goalkeeper station forward a very imaginative lob, the ball falls into the far corner of the door, 2-1! Villarreal 2-1 final lore Bucharest star, to the identity of the second group qualify.

Villarreal (442): 1 - Asenjo / 2 Gaspar, 5 - Musacchio (12 - Alvaro 39 '), 6 - Victor - Ruiz, 11 - Hall Roberto Soriano / 18-Soussone (24-Bray 80 '), 17 - Doris Santos, 14-Tregoros, 21-Bruno Soriano, - Bacchan