[FIFA News] Argentina sits San Juan Stadium 3 to 0 victory over Colombia

2018 World Cup qualifying South American region 12th round, Argentina sits San Juan Stadium 3 to 0 victory over Colombia. Messi two pass a shot, Prato scored a goal, Dimaliya shot after the goal post into a goal, Argentina made nearly five games in the first victory.

Wonderful playback

Opening only 54 seconds, Quadrado right-sided breakthrough Mascherano, Mercado left foot shot after the high. The first 6 minutes, Messi kick left front free kick, OTA Mende penalty kick nodded slightly higher. The first 8 minutes, Cuadela restricted cross-right rib cage, Falcao nodded the ball after the head slightly higher.

The first 9 minutes, Barrios stumble over Messi, Messi kick the restricted area outside the free kick left-foot shot broke, 1-0! Messi into the current World Cup qualifying third ball, but also live in the heat to enter the first 17 goals in the South American region tied Zamorano. Messi 6th in the national team into the free kick, and the 6 ball are in the race to enter.

The first 19 minutes, J Luo penalty kick left free kick, Falcao Road header hit the top of the restricted area of ​​the top net FIFA 17 Coins. The first 23 minutes, Messi on the right inside the ball had to go past Barrios after picking his left foot, Prato restricted area header headed home broke, 2 to 0! Argentina for the fourth time to play the Prato into the first two goals, this is Argentina's first World Cup header break. 2016 11 appearances for Argentina, Messi participated in 14 balls (8 goals and 6 assists).

世预赛-阿根廷3-0哥伦比亚 梅西传射天使建功

The first 26 minutes, Messi kick left free kick oblique, Mercado small restricted area right rib headed out. The first 28 minutes, Prato stumble Murillo was booked. The first 29 minutes, J Luo and Mercado conflict, both were booked.

The first 31 minutes, Arias behind Macy's face was a yellow card. The first 32 minutes, Barrios return error, Dimaliya after the ball steals, Barnea restricted left-sided low-left left rib was Ospina confiscated. The first 37 minutes, Banega kicked Quadrado was booked.

47 minutes, Messi on the right cross, Murillo siege errors, the ball hit the body in the Prato bounced out of bounds. The first 50 minutes, Dimaliya left cross, Banega restricted area before long-range was Ospina confiscated. 59 minutes, Barranca kicked Messi was booked. The first 62 minutes, J Luo restricted cross before the crossing, Falcao closed the middle shovel shot slightly wide, but Falcao offside significantly.

67 minutes, Bigelia midfielder steals, Messi restricted area arc ball, Dimaliya restricted left ribs left foot shot by the post is denied. 69 minutes, Mori knocked down Falcao was booked. The first 72 minutes, Messi kick right free kick oblique, Ota Mendi headed headed by the defender siege. 77 minutes, Quadardo flew Messi was booked.

The first 84 minutes, Lionel Messi before the right-sided cross-road pass after the ball, Dimaliya left ribs right foot shot burst broke, 3-0! Match the end of the game, Argentina 3 to 0 victory over Colombia. After 12 rounds, Argentina surpassed Colombia to 19 points ranked No. 5, behind Ecuador, Chile 1 point.

Argentina, possession of the whole audience is only 45.7%, 10 shots 5 shots are scoring 3 goals, Colombia shot 9 shots. Argentina has only one corner kick, while Colombia has five. Messi 2 shots into the game 1 goal, Prato only once shot to break, Dimaliya shot 3 times into a ball.

Appearance lineup

Argentina (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeepers: Romero

Defenders: Mercado, Otamendi, Morrie, Maas

Midfielder: Buglia, Javier Mascherano / Messi, Banega (63 minutes Enzo - Perez), Dimaliya (85 minutes of Acuna)

Striker: Prato (79 minutes Higuain)

Colombia (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeeper: Ospina

Defenders: Arias, Balan, Murillo, Sanchez

Midfielder: Barrios (46 minutes McNealy - Torres), Carlos - Sanchez / Quadrado, J Luo, Daniel - Torres (67 minutes Coppet)

Striker: Falcao (76 minutes Baka)

Nov 16, 2016