[FIFA News] Arsenal away 4 to 1 victory over Basel to the group as the first qualifying cut

2016-17 season, the Champions League group A end of the round, Arsenal away 4 to 1 victory over Basel, the group's top status as the cut, the 17th consecutive season reached the Champions League knockout. Lucas - Peres hat-trick, Yvonby also have a ball recorded. Basle from the back of a score of Pakistan.

欧冠-阿森纳4-1大胜头名晋级 佩雷斯帽子戏法

Arsenal discharged 4231 formation of the field, Lucas - Perez as a single arrow, Yvonby and Sanchez wings, Ozil attacking midfielder, Zacha and Ramsey double waist. Back line, Holding and Coase Czerny partner defender, Gibbs and Paulista either side, goalkeeper is Ospina.

Opening the first 5 minutes, Sanchez ball, Ramsay's long-range blocked by the back. 8 minutes, Sanchez at the top of the arc pass, Gibbs broke into the restricted area of ​​the left wing pass, Lucas - Perez small restricted area outflanking Gongmen succeeded, Arsenal 1 to 0 lead Basel. This is Lucas - Perez this season, the first three events of the ball.

16 minutes, Ozil Road sent a wonderful oblique plug ball, Gibbs left-wing anti-offside inserted into the restricted area Gongmen saved by the goalkeeper, Lucas - Perez small blank range shot hit, Arsenal 2 ratio 0 extended the lead.

18 minutes, Delgado pass, Traore restricted area left wing wide of the far corner. The first 40 minutes, Delgado again the ball, Stefan restricted the right wing of the center was Ospina resolve. 43 minutes, Michael - Long pass, Delgado's header over the bar. Halftime, Arsenal two goals ahead.

47 minutes, Gibbs broke through Zhise, Sanchez in the ball running on the line gently block, Lucas - Peres hit the bottom left corner, Arsenal 3 to 0 lead Basel. Lucas - Perez completed hat-trick, his five goals this season, only from two games. At the same time, Arsenal two consecutive games in a week was connected with three goals.

The first 53 minutes, Ozil collusion left pass into the restricted area of ​​selfless cross, Ivo than outflanking Gongmen hit, Arsenal will rewrite the score 4 to 0.

62 minutes, Diye's long shot wide of the right goal post outside. The first 64 minutes, Stefan biography, Tao Lante - Zacha's long-range slightly over the bar. The first 67 minutes, Sanchez's free kick hit the crossbar pop. The first 73 minutes, Ozil pass, Giroux's Gongmen outside the left goal post.

The first 78 minutes, Tampa Bay Rays Hats Cheap, and Yang Division to make a kick with the wall into the restricted area after the right foot Gongmen hit, Basel will tie the score 1 to 4. The final Arsenal away victory, 17 consecutive seasons into the Champions League knockout.

Full match, Arsenal 12 times the attacker 7 times is shot into 4 goals, Basel 15 times the center of the door 5 times shot into just 1 ball. Arsenal possession rate of 59%, compared with 41% of Basel.


Basel (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeeper: 1 Vasilik

Guard: No. 5 Michael - Long, No. 17 Susie, 23 Barr tower, No. 3 Traore

Midfielder: No. 34 Toulant - Zacha, No. 6 Diee (74 minutes, 7 Zu Philippines)

Midfielder: 24 Ernu Noi (59 minutes, 39 Cagliari), 10 Delgado (54 minutes, No. 88, Tunbia), 11 Steffen

Striker: Jan

Arsenal (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeeper: 13 ospina

Defender: No. 5 Paulista, No. 16 Holding, No. 6 Kos Czerny, No. 3 Gibbs

Lumbar: No. 29 Granite - Zacha, 8 Ramsey (70 minutes, on the 12th Giroux)

Midfielder: 17 Yvonby, 11 Ozil (74 minutes, 14 Walcott), 7 Sanchez (70 minutes, No. 35 Elnini)

Forward: No. 9 Lucas - Perez