[FIFA News] Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium 0 to 2 lost to Southampton missed the semi-finals

2016-17 season England League Cup 1/4 finals, Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium 0 to 2 lost to Southampton missed the semi-finals, which is their last 20 games in the first defeat. The first 13 minutes, Clancy to break the deadlock; 38 minutes, Bertrand to seal the victory.

英联杯-阿森纳0-2出局20场首败 蓝军旧将制胜

Arsenal on the field rotation, Lucas - Perez as a single arrow, Adelaide and Yvonby fly with both wings, Coquillini, Ernie and Ramsay midfielder iron triangle station . Back line, Paulista and Holding partner defender, Gibbs and Jenkinson either side, the goalkeeper is Martinez.

The opening 13 minutes, Bertrand collusion left after the field pass upload upload, Buffal Road closed the middle of the door was blocked, Krasi follow-up volley hit the upper right corner, Southampton 1-0 lead Arsenal .

18 minutes, Ivo than the restricted area of ​​the left wing of the Gongmen been blocked. Three minutes later, Lucas - Perez ball, Adelaide's long-range again by Dang Dangxia. The first 28 minutes, Ivo than breaking the ball, Ramsey's long-range was blocked.

38 minutes, Southampton steals manufacturing opportunities, Steven - Davis ball to the left, Buffal plug in the pass, Bertrand ball into the bottom right corner of the goal, Southampton 2 to 0 lead Arsenal .

47 minutes, Ramsay sent forward pass, Lucas - Perez restricted area turn left low shot was goalkeeper Puzhu. Two minutes later, Jenkinson right-sided biography, Ramsey's goalkeeper was blocked by the door. The first 50 minutes, Maldina right-sided biography, Sean - Long header high top. A minute later, Bertrand points the ball, Sean - Long's long-range saved by Martinez brave.

54 minutes, Zaka's goalkeeper was Dangxia. Two minutes later, Buffal's shot was blocked after a bit wide of the right goal post. The first 61 minutes, Zaka Road cross, Section Kuilin long-range goalkeeper fell to the ground Puzhu. The first 68 minutes, Ivo than passing, Section Kuilin long shots outside the left goal post.

The first 73 minutes, Zacha pass, Ramsay's long shot wide of the right goal post outside. 77 minutes, McQueen biography, Stephen - Davis's Gongmen slightly over the bar. Two minutes later, Zacha pass, Chamberlain's Gongmen hit high. The first 83 minutes, Gibbs left the Ani go, Ivo than the long-range goalkeeper Dangxia. Eventually, Arsenal 0 to 2 loss to Southampton suffered nearly 20 games of the first defeat, missed the Carling Cup semi-finals.

Full match, Arsenal 17 times the center of the door 5 times shooting particles are no income, Southampton 13 times Gongmen 4 shot into two goals. Arsenal possession rate of 63%, but was the ball rate of 37% of Southampton eliminated.


Arsenal (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeeper: 26 Martinez

Guard: No. 25 Jenkinson (64 minutes, No. 55 Niels), No. 5 Paulista, No. 16 Holding, No. 3 Gibbs

Midfielder: 34 Kequelin, 35 Ernini (43 minutes, on the 29th Zakar)

Midfielder: 31 Adelaide (62 minutes, 15 Chamberlain), No. 8 Ramsey, No. 17 Yvonby

Forward: No. 9 Lucas - Perez

Southampton (4-5-1):

Goalkeeper: No. 1 Fraser - Foster
Guard: No. 15 Martina, No. 3 Yoshida Ma, No. 17 Van Dijk, 21 Bertrand

Midfielder: No. 38 McQueen, No. 4 Classey, No. 18 Reid (65 minutes, No. 23 Hawley), No. 8 Stephen Davis, No. 19 Buffal (66 minutes, No. 39 )

Striker: Sean Long on the 7th