[FIFA News] Barcelona's future appeared uncertain

ccording to the Spanish Marca message, although Barcelona want to renew Messi, but as early as in July, the Argentine King told Barcelona high-level, he temporarily do not want to renew. Daily Sport newspaper to bring another bad news on Barcelona, ​​Luis - Enrique after the end of the season will decide whether to renew, it also makes the future of Barcelona, ​​there is uncertainty.

Messi's current contract expires June 30, 2018, according to the Barcelona high-level vision, in the completion of Busquets, Nei Maer, Javier Mascherano (data) after the contract, the club will first complete with Suarez Renewal, and then is Messi. But Marca is disclosed today, Messi temporarily do not want to talk about renewal, even in July, when he had already told their own ideas to the club's top.

Messi's position, Bartomechu is very tense, after all, this means that Messi has the possibility to leave Barcelona in advance, it is learned that Bartomeu want Massey to calm down, after all, his contract penalty also reached 2.5 Billion euros, any club is difficult to dig him.


In public, Bartolomeo said: I do not know what will happen in the future, but I will explain to Leo, he is currently the world's best club. Earlier news that Messi left Barcelona Buy FIFA 17 Coins , Then he will return to Newell to play old boys, maybe Messi will not join other European giants, but he is absolutely possible after the expiration of the contract to leave the Nou Camp, which is 2018 in June.

The earthquake on the far more than this, Spain, Daily Sport newspaper is revealed, Enrique's future is also pending. Originally Enrique plans to contract with the club in April this year, but the latest reports, Enrique hope that after the end of the season to discuss whether to renew the issue.

Coaching Barcelona, ​​Enrique record shine, led the team won two La Liga champions, a Champions League and two Spanish King's Cup championship, if Enrique left next summer, then the loss of Barcelona will be very large, you want to find Qualified substitute is not easy. Spanish media is expected, even if Enrique left, he will not sign a long-term contract with Barcelona, ​​up to 1 to 2 years of the contract is signed, and Enrique had previously stated that he signed a short contract for Both sides are good.