[FIFA News] Borgba Savior fly wing France 2-1 reverse Sweden lead

France local time at 20:45 on the 11th, the World Cup qualifying round A group of Europe in the first 4 rounds of a field, the French home 2 to 1 reversal of Sweden, 10 points lead. Sweden striker Fusi Berry free kick opened the scoring, Pacers assists Bogba equalizer, since then he broke the score.

Two teams before the plot with 7 points lead. France, nearly 17 World Cup qualifiers only 1 negative (2013 loss to Spain), the other 11 wins and 5 draws. Last home loss to Sweden dates back to March 1952. Compared with the last round against the Netherlands, Deschamps replaced 2 starter, Giroux and Evra played, replacing Gamero and Curzawa.

Sweden, there are three adjustments, Guaidi Dai replaced Bailey, and Toivonin partner striker. Athens AEK midfielder Jakob - Johnson played for Copenhagen's Augustin Song hit left back, Martin - Elson and Xiye Mark change alternate. Sweden nearly 3 World Cup qualifier away only scored 3 goals, but made 2 wins and 1 level of success. The two teams since 1993 only 1 official match, the 2012 European Cup group stage, Sweden 2 to 0 win.


French President Hollande to watch the scene. One opening, Jilu protect the ball cross knock, Bogba 20 meters in front of his left foot missed. Augustin Song left a free kick, Guaidai Tuishe hit in front of bared, the ball destroyed Varnay! Moussa - Sissoko pass, Payer closed the left side of the Tuishe was Olsen closed out corner after the return of the right Paye, Borgabo 14 meters away from the door before the cross-beam Tuishe crossed .

Sissoko right-sided volley within the cut high. Since then the ball hit the ball out of Loris, Durmaz left foot volley wide of the edge of the restricted area. Augustine Song left break Sidi Bi biography, Johnsson touch the ball into the restricted area, Loris timely attack, grab the ball in front of Guidi to get fifa 17 coins. The whole first half, Ji Lu is the least number of players touch the ball (7).

The second half, Bogba right-sided biased, Greitzman 8 meters in front of the shaking of the left goal post. Sweden's 54th minute lead, Fossberg was Sidi Bay down, 26 meters in front of the free kick personally took over the wall into the lower right corner of 1 to 0. Just over 3 minutes, France to tie the game! Paje left the free kick, Bogba and Valla in front of 7 meters both Zhengding, the former head hit the beam along the bomb into the next, 1 to 1, France 2 consecutive World Cup qualifying goals Is Patty assists Bogba points.

Vallane on the right side of the door 30 meters away from the strong low shot caused by Olsen, Giroux and Geli Ziman follow-up blank range, Olsen complained the other foul, but the referee did not whistle, and good shot in the Ji Lu shot Block the bottom line. Then the Swedish restricted area continuous rescue, Greitzman closed front left foot low shot was Olsen confiscated. France 65 minutes go-ahead score! Sidibe on the right Xie Biography, Olsen dislodged by the interference in the Geli Ziman, Payer left the door 7 meters away from the door to promote the far corner, 2 to 1.

Sweden then substitutions, replaced by Ekedal Xiye Maerkeer. Guideti ball inside the restricted area turned back to do, Dulmaz restricted front low shot was Loris side flutter confiscated. Terry replaced Guideti. Matuidi left foot low shot was Olsen confiscated. Payer left the rib cage, Greitzman closed front left foot low shot left out! Tuoyuning pass through the top of the ball, Terry in Coase Czerny interference, 9 meters in front of the semi-volley shot wide. Kante replaced Geli Ziman, France will maintain the lead to the end.

France (4-2-3-1): 1 - Loris / 19 - Sidibe, 4 - Wallane, 21 - Kos Czerny, 3 - Evra / 6 - Bugba, 14 - Horse Touilly / 18-Musa-Sissoko, 7-Gleizman (88 'Kant), 8-Payer / 9-Giroux

Group E match, Poland 3 to 0 victory away Romania, 10 points in the top 10 points. Opening 11 minutes, Groszicki personal breakthrough in the first record. The second half, a fireworks explosion in Levan side, Levin fell to the ground for treatment, the game suspended for 10 minutes. 83 minutes, Levin broke into the restricted area into the far corner from the left foot oblique. Injury period, Levin broke into the restricted area on the left side was torn down, he personally hit a penalty kick, 3-0. Montenegro away 2 to 3 loss to Armenia, 7 points ranked second place; Denmark 4 to 1 victory at home in Kazakhstan, 6 points in third place.