[FIFA News] British media: the British Football Association invited to join the coaching team

The football association has provided England legend Gerrard and Lampard with a short cut to England's coaching staff.

The sun has learned that at the end of the major league of the United States, the Football Association intends to invite two people to join the England coaching staff.

Until now, the FA did not require those high quality players as soon as possible to get a coach card, the original players can obtain certificate of academic coach in 4 years. And in order to make the 36 year old Gerrard and 38 year old Lampard guide England's young players, they are willing to break their own tradition. Two people are currently in the major league football, are interested in starting their coaching career, and the British Football Association to their commitment is that they can complete the coaching certificate in 2 years.

At present, the England national team coach Southgate also agreed to a temporary FA German double contact, he is convinced that the arrival of two people is very good for the team of young people DELL, Ali, stones and others.

It is reported that Lampard has accepted the invitation of the British Football Association, and Gerrard will consider whether to leave the United States Football League after the end of the season.

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