[FIFA News] C Luo 150 penalty free kick into only six free kicks less than Messi

Although the C Luo self-proclaimed a free kick expert, but from his Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team's penalty efficiency point of view, CR7 is not that the elevator ball master, now Stage, he took the free-kick the sight of Messi.

C罗150罚任意球仅进6个 西媒:他已经不是专家

In fact, the total number of free kicks from the point of view, C Lo is still better than Messi, in the player career, C Lo has a total of 47 free kicks, accounting for the total number of goals in career 8.36%, the figure high In Messi's 29, the Argentine star's free-throw percentage of the total number of career goals is 5.51%.

However, "Daily Sports newspaper" pointed out that C Lo in the early free kick penalty accuracy is higher, but the last three seasons, his state has been a great decline Cheap FIFA 17 Coins. The last three seasons, he represented the Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team took a total of 150 free kicks, just into the 6 ball, the other 142 feet try, 62 shot was blocked, 40 feet shot high, 40 foot shot Was the goalkeeper to resolve, there are 2 hit the door frame.

So what about Messi? Western media pointed out that in the past three seasons, Messi only for Barcelona (official website data) to enter the 12 direct free kick, and in 2016, Messi in the Argentina national team also scored three direct free kick . Which in this week's game against Argentina in Colombia, Messi also has the performance of free kicks.

"Daily Sport newspaper" that, today's C Lo has no free kick on the penalty, "gold" ability, that is, he is not a free kick master, 31-year-old C Lo in this technical session Backwards, and Messi is maintained a good efficiency. Not only that, the Barcelona media also ridiculed the mouth of C Luo, in the last 5 games in the Bernabeu, the Portuguese also failed to break, which also shows the poor state of C Luo.

Nov 18, 2016