[FIFA News] C Luo will be at least 32 years old but also four years to dominate the Golden Globes th

31-year-old C Lo 4 years, 3 wins the golden ball, with Messi's Golden Globe Award from 1 to 4 close to 4 to 5, has entered the veteran stage of Real Madrid 7, it is rare. If this season, Real Madrid in the Champions League and La Liga stadium can beat Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese is expected to catch up with 4 years ago, seemingly out of reach Messi.

4年3夺金球!31岁C罗死亡追赶 梅西只领先1球

C Robey Lionel Messi earlier close to the Golden Globe, both are the 2007 finalists Golden Globe Award for the top three, C Luo 2, Messi 3, 2008 C Luo replaced Kaka as the Golden Globe and the world Footballer of the double winner, Messi is ranked No. 2. But with the Guardiola to create Barcelona dream team turned out three, 2009 Lionel Messi Monopoly Golden Globe for 4 consecutive years, of which three years C Lo became the second, is closest to the winners Peiqian, 2010 Not even among the top three, the gap between the two Golden Globe widened to 3.

4年3夺金球!31岁C罗死亡追赶 梅西只领先1球

In 2013, C Luo finally got his wish to beat Messi, after a lapse of 5 years to win the Golden Globe, although the time span does not like Leonardo chase Oscar 22 year dream so long, but the actor from the teens to The sixty years (think actor Malone - Brando to the 77-year-old before dying), 5 years time for most players is almost 1/3 of the career, so C Luo regain the golden ball after the excitement and Almost tears, more moving.

2014 and this year, C Ronaldo Real Madrid twice to dominate the Champions League, and won the European Cup in the summer, life completely successful, won the Golden Globe is also a recognition of its brilliant achievements. The past 4 years, Messi is only 1 times to the Golden Globe, leading to shrink from 3 to 1. Portugal's four Golden Globes, only the 2013 award-winning controversial, of course, Messi is also the same, when the award-winning guests shouted the winner of 2010 is him, the Argentines themselves a bit did not expect.

The roots of Waldie came into the Golden Globe this year, 8, C Lo is actually inspirational brother, this year to 31 years 10 months of the "old" award, but the history of the Golden Globe Award winning second old striker, In the "prehistory" of the British star, is also the 1956 first Golden Globe winner Stanley - Matthews, who is 41 years old 10 months, but 60 years ago and now football competition, far can not be compared. 3-year-old striker, is the other legendary star Real Madrid Di Stefano, 31 years old in May, less than six months old C Luo, 4 is George - Weah, 29 years 2 months, Milan Place Award C Luo small than 2 and a half years.

Early next year in early February, C Luo will be at least 32 years old, so old can also dominate the Golden Globes three years in four years, can be described as unparalleled achievements. As we all know, the forward player career than the midfield, guard and goalkeeper are short, the peak period is naturally shorter, trapped in injury problems, the former Milan legend striker Van Basten even 29 years old actually retired, and now C Luo is still able to maintain a good state and 50,60 per year ball production, and won his first European Cup this year, even more commendable, even if the rate of scoring this season has declined, still can not hide his greatness.