[FIFA News] Champions League final round of the fourth round of all the competition

Champions League final round of the fourth round of all the competition, Real Madrid regret the 3-3 draw with the Warsaw Regiment, more special win Portuguese sports, two rounds ahead of qualifying, Juventus 1-1 draw with Lyon, the last time the ball to the Bianconeri Missed two rounds ahead of qualifying. As a result, a total of five teams in advance to obtain the 16 places, namely Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and Dortmund.

Advance: Arsenal, Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Dortmund

欧冠第4轮总结:5队晋级16强 莱斯特还差1分

There are currently 5 teams to participate in the December 12 Champions League 1/8 finals draw, 4 teams are the same group opponents. A group of Arsenal and Paris, both won three straight lines, Arsenal has more than 17 consecutive seasons of the group stage. In fact, Arsenal has gone through a bitter struggle in the face of Ludo Gorez, they lost two goals in the first 15 minutes, but then Zacha and Giroux to help the team equalized the score, Ozil last minute staged picturesque Of the lore. From the group before the performance of the 4 round, Ozil is the team's biggest hero, the Germans in the group stage this season into 4 goals assists 2 times, and his four seasons in the Champions League total goals But four. In four group games, Arsenal full firepower, into the 12 ball, lost three goals, the overall performance is very strong.

Paris, but the performance can be commendable, in the 2-1 victory over Basel, the French champions also locked a 16 places in the summer to help New Mooney to help Paris in the game against Basel sent lore, but PSG The promotion of the hero also includes Cavani, Uruguayan in 4 group match into 4 balls, after the ball into the 7 Messi, with Levan, Ozil, who tied for second in scorer. Although the PSG in France difficult, start is very general, but by virtue of 3 wins and 1 level record, they enter the 16 strong, the next round of competition, Paris and Arsenal will be a direct dialogue, which will determine who can get the group first.

D group Atletico 4 consecutive victories after 12 points, the cost of the Champions League last season, the only four-game winning team, the group Bayern 9 points, and the bed sheet army together qualify. Atletico Madrid is the 32 strong, the only team won the victory record, thanks to Simone's strategizing. In these four games, the Legion of Legion have shown a very strong aggressive, high-pressure closing down the play was very successful, with Geli Zeman's two goals, Paris in the first four to win Rostov, 12 One points head high cut. Geliziman in the group stage into 2 balls, and Atletico's top player is Carrasco. Group stage 2 of the face of Bayern, Carrasco completed the lore, while the group stage 3 to face Rostov, but also his volley to ensure that Atletico won. In fact, the first 4 rounds, Atletico Madrid, but scored 5 goals, but has become the only undefeated qualifying team last season, runner-up control of the game is the key to their qualifying.

Today, 4 group events, only to determine a cut Dortmund, double play Lisbon, Touchel's team to take 10 points, Real Madrid and Portugal over the crack will compete for another seat. Dortmund returned to the Champions League this season, their play is very good, in addition to 2-2 draw with Real Madrid, the Hornets in the remaining three games but got nine points. In fact, this is Tuhul's first Champions League season, and he led his unit to get 3 wins and 1 unbeaten record, according to statistics, Touchel is also the first multi-team history in the first four Champions League undefeated Of the coach. However, more than a special episode, Obama Mei Yang did not enter the game list, after the game, Tuhanger confirmed Gabon striker was blocked.