[FIFA News] Champions League group stage all the end of the 16 strong attribution dust settles

2016-17 UEFA Champions League group stage all the end of the season, 16 of the attribution of dust settled. La Liga a total of four teams qualify, the Premiership and the Bundesliga each have three strong qualifying, Serie A, French and Portugal are each contributing to the two teams. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Juventus and other giants were successfully nominated.

欧冠16强全部诞生 西甲4席强势依旧英德各3队

(Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Monaco (France), Dortmund (Germany), Leicester City (England), Juventus (Italy) )

Throughout the group's first name, the road is not the same. Such as the A group of Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain early to determine the cut, but the group's first suspense is to the end of the last round was announced. Arsenal 17 consecutive seasons reached the Champions League semi-finals, after six seasons they are down in the top 8, this time can make a breakthrough? Get the group at least be the first to open a good head. Barcelona, ​​Leicester City, Monaco earlier established the advantages of locking the group's first name, their advantage is more obvious. Atletico Madrid beat Bayern Munich in the group stage won the first name, Dortmund will also defending champion Real Madrid pushed to the second position, this is the highlight of the Champions League group stage this season.

Bayern Munich (Germany), Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), Real Madrid (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Sevilla (France), Benfica (Portugal), Manchester City (England) Asia (Spain)

Champions League this season, a major feature of the group stage, that is, a few super teams will eventually be able to place the group's second cut. This is the first to bear the brunt of the defending champion Real Madrid. In addition, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain also have superior strength, they all fall into the second group, but also to the upcoming 1/8 finals lottery suspense www.lolga.com. Can be expected that in the 16 into 8 of the game, strong dialogue is inevitable. Heavyweight showdown exactly how? And those of the team's first team unfortunately lucky enough to get rich? The Champions League 1/8 final draw this season, people are looking forward to.

La Liga lead the British followed

From the 16 strong distribution, the overall pattern of the Champions League this season, little change from last season. La Liga's performance in the group stage is still the most eye-catching, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are among the top 16 ranks. In addition, the Premiership and the Bundesliga also each three seats, its overall performance worthy of recognition. Serie A, French and Portugal each have two teams among the 16 strong. It is noteworthy that the Champions League last season, there are Eredivisie 16, Echizen, Wuchao and more than a small league club, and this season they all disappear. From this perspective, the top European league and the small league seems to open the gap again.

1/8 Final Draw

2016-17 season Champions League 1/8 final draw will be held in Switzerland on December 12 local time at 12 noon in UEFA headquarters in Nyon, when the results will be announced. According to the rules of the ballot, the group match with the team will not meet, and the same league team will not catch on the fight. The first leg of the 1/8 final will be played on 14/15 and 21/22 of next year, while the second leg will start on March 7/8 and 14/15.

Attachment 1: 2016-17 season, the Champions League 16 strong distribution

La Liga: Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Sevilla

Premiership: Arsenal, Leicester City, Manchester City

Bundesliga: Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Leverkusen

Serie A: Naples, Juventus

French: Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain

Portugal over: Benfica, Porto

Attachment 2: Group 3 to participate in the European Cup team

(Group A), Besiktas (Group B), Mönchengladbach (Group C), Rostov (Group D), Tottenham (Group E), Warsaw Legion (Group F), Copenhagen (Group G), Lyon (Group H)