[FIFA News] Chelsea away 1-0 victory over Sunderland Fabregas into the only goal

Chelsea in the Premier League in the first 16 round 1-0 victory over Sunderland, Cesc Fabregas scored the only goal, Chelsea in the league ho to take 10 game winning streak, as Arsenal lose in the current round, the Blues in the standings Of the lead extended to 6 points.

英超-切尔西1-0联赛10连胜领先6分 小法破门

25 minutes, Janu Zhaizi the right field after the ball into the restricted area after the left foot rub shot, but unfortunately the ball slightly wide of the upper left corner of the goal, which is the start of the game after the two teams broke away from a recent opportunity.

38 minutes, William won the free kick in the restricted area, Louis kick right foot shot, the ball rub to the wall to draw an arc straight to goal the middle of the road, Pickford very strong ball confiscated.

40 minutes, Chelsea midfielder steals quick counterattack, Cesc Fabregas Road to the right of the ball William, the Brazilian and then the ball back to the middle of the road, the small frontier closed area to keep up with the right foot fire, the ball around the goalkeeper Straight goal the lower right corner, away from the Chelsea 1-0 lead.

The first 45 minutes, Cesc Fabregas midfield slanting restricted area, Costa's header Gongmen slightly wide. 47 minutes Sunderland get a great opportunity, Defoe restricted area front ball, Janu Zhayi restricted area on the right side of his right foot low shot was Curtuva with his feet blocked the bottom line.

51 minutes, William into the restricted area before the ball right after the right foot volley, the ball was a goalkeeper care about the pop-up playing on the beam; 4 minutes later, Costa restricted shot left goalkeeper struggling to save.

The first 60 minutes, Moses front-right after the cut inside the left foot volley, the ball a little wide of the right side of the goal; the first 86 minutes, William closed front of the right foot volley was goalkeeper confiscated, the final Chelsea away 1-0 win over Sander Blue.

Although only 1-0 victory, but away to fight Chelsea in the scene occupies an absolute advantage, full match Conti's team a total of 19 shots, which is more than Sunderland 11 times, 6 shots is also the opponent . Another Chelsea possession rate of 66%, which is 32 percentage points higher than the opponent, 532 passes more than 300 times Sunderland, and the blue pass rate of 86%, home game of black Cats only 73%.



Goalkeeper: 13 Pickford

Defenders: No. 2 Jones (60 'Love), No. 23 Branch, No. 5 Gloria Bogy, No. 3 Fan Anholt

Midfielder: No. 16 O'Shea, No. 27 Kirchhoff (57 'Larsson), No. 4 Denayer

Striker: 9 Bolini (82 'Hazy Lane), 44, Janu Zhayi, 18 Defoe


Goalkeeper: 13 Kurt Tuva

Guard: 28 Aspiliketta, 30 Lewis, 24 Cahill
Midfielder: No. 4 Fabregas, 7 Kant, 15 Moses (90 'Ivan), on the 3rd Alonso
Forward: No. 22 William (89 'Chaloba), 11 Pedro (75' Matic), 19 Costa