[FIFA News] Chelsea too J too expensive

In the J Luo announced to consider leaving Real Madrid, Chelsea quickly demonstrated the interest of the Colombian star. However, according to the "Sun" news, Chelsea side for Real Madrid J Luo out of the 60 million pounds price is too expensive, has decided to give up.

曝切尔西嫌J罗6000万太贵已放弃 或成全曼联

In the World Club Cup after the final, J Luo public statements to consider leaving Real Madrid, and Chelsea is considered to be likely to become the next home of the Colombians. It is reported that the Blues is also the first contact Real Madrid club, but for Real Madrid out of 6000 pounds (71 million euros) price, Chelsea has played a retreat.

In the summer, Chelsea has spent no more than 3000 pounds were signed Kanter and Bashua Yiyi, the former has also become the "Post" named the Premier League in summer the best signings, but now it takes 2 times the price of the introduction Real Madrid can not play the game J Luo, and this way, Chelsea then spent 50 million pounds to introduce Torres team transfer records have to be broken, in view of Torres's warning, the Blues do not intend to take risks.

"The Sun" pointed out that even more critical is that even spend so much money to introduce J Luo, he may not be able to adapt to Conti's current system. Currently in Chelsea's 343 system, the midfield by Kant and Matic defensive, wings is Marcos - Alonso and Moses, Costa striker Costa and Azar State is good, another position by Pedro and William Competition.

On the defensive, JL as Canti and Matic, playing the wing road and not enough running ability, more impossible to replace Azar, for which Chelsea is unlikely to spend 60 million pounds to sign a substitute, and he It may not be able to adapt to the style of play and the Premiership.

However, the "Sun" also pointed out that the withdrawal of Chelsea also let Manchester United see the opportunity, Mourinho hope J Luo to become contact Bugba and Ibrahimovic of the ring, although Manchester United's number one goal is still the introduction of the summer Gleizman, but if you have the opportunity to sign J in this winter, Mourinho will not miss the opportunity, after all, Manchester United do not want to 2 consecutive seasons missed the Champions League.