[FIFA News] China happy to buy Messi

Messi's renewal failed to complete, the Spanish media Aspen broke the news, from the super-happy in the Chinese in the attempt to intercept the Lionel Messi, Messi will be collected after tax 100 million euros (about 723 million yuan) annual salary, which Than after tax 35 million euros a year salary more than doubled, so Messi had heart figures, but also to Barcelona catch up.

曝华夏幸福1亿欧年薪砸梅西 高巴萨开价一倍多

Messi and Barcelona's current contract expires in 2018, although the transfer had rumors around him a lot, including Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Manchester United and other clubs and the Argentine legend came the scandal, but Messi's father has To Barcelona and the club to discuss the renewal of the matter.

Aspen reported that the Super League of China Happy Club try to hired Messi from the Nou Camp, the former Real Madrid (data) coach Pellegrini coach is willing to pay Messi 5 years 5 million euros contract, That is up to 100 million euros a year, but also after-tax. The media said that although the Chinese happy to invest in football for a short time, but they spent a lot of signings, the team has the former Paris Saint-Germain star LaVic.

Barcelona has just completed a contract with Suarez work, they hope to complete the contract with Messi as soon as possible. Western media have reported that Barcelona had hoped to get Macy's contract, but in the face of resistance to open after the B plan, from Nei Maer and Suarez contract renewal, so Messi more willing to stay in Barcelona. However, Macy's contract problem there are two unresolved, first, Messi wants to join the terms of return to Argentina, he hopes when he is willing to unconditional return to Argentina, in addition, Messi's annual salary may reach after-tax 3500 Million euros, which is Barcelona need to prepare funds to solve.

But Barcelona is confident and Macy's contract, it is reported that Barcelona is willing to pay 35 million euros after-tax annual salary of Messi, although this is now the world's highest salary of football, but it is only China happy out of the number of about One-third.