[FIFA News] Conti: Blues impeccable performance, talk about the title too early

After the 4-0 victory over Manchester United, Chelsea and 2-0 in the away win against Southampton, coach Conti for the blues were very pleased that in the post match press conference.

On the team's performance

"I'm very happy, of course. I see a lot of positive things, we beat a strong opponent is in the best state. It's not easy to win here, I said on Friday. I'm very satisfied with the team's commitment and effort. The players were very hard both in the ball and without the ball. This is exactly the way in which the results of such a league are satisfied.

"We created a lot of chances, and we didn't lose the ball in nearly 4 games. This means that our confidence is rising. The players deserve it all. I see them every day, and the results are important for their training, they will be more confidence in our tactics, but we know the road is still very long, but also need to continue to work hard. Narrowing the gap between the top and the top will give us confidence."

On the performance of the Trident

"I'm very happy to see that Zal, Costa and Pedro are playing so hard in the game. They are forward, in general, it is difficult for the team to work hard for the team, but the degree of input and effort is too good."

On the performance of wing guard Alonso Marcos and Mose

"This role is crucial to our system. You must have a considerable body and strength to kick the wing. I asked my wing to work on both offense and defense.  Mose was surprised at this. We all know that he is a winger, but he had a good performance. Alonso is also, into the Premier League is not easy, I am very satisfied with the.

"Pedro can play in this position, as well as Mose. Ivan and ayna can also play wing guard, but more defensive."

About 3000 fans to the scene to watch the ball

"Today I want to thank our fans. They were great from the first minute to the last minute. I want to thank them for myself and for the players. I hope you can keep it together."

About the team's long-term goals

"One game, I keep seeing positive things after every game. I have faith, because we still have a lot to improve. The only thing we can do is work hard and don't look at the table. It is very difficult to make predictions now. There are a lot of games to play, and now is the first part of the season, after which you can know whether it can be maintained at the forefront, fighting for the championship."

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