[FIFA News] Costa efficiency of Warcraft

Chelsea's bad news: the Crystal Palace to the 22nd minute, Diego Costa kicked down the other midfielder Joe Ledley, to eat the Premier League this season, the first five yellow cards, will not be suspended due to the next round of opposition Nymouth a war. For the Belgian striker Bachuwai, this is a good opportunity, after 10 appearances in the league bench he finally may usher in the Premiership for the first time starting. Costa I do not have too much regret in the Boxing Day vacation to enjoy praise be considered a good choice. Last Saturday he got more than a yellow card, also harvested his first 50 goals in the Blues.

97 games 50 balls, efficiency super Drogba

Costa in the summer of 2014 from La Liga Atletico Madrid transfer Chelsea, two and a half years will break the 50 ball mark, worth a book. Spain center scored only 97 games with 50 goals, while the Ivorian legend archer Drogba is 112 games. In Costa's blue goal, there are 45 from 71 Premiership, conversion efficiency is higher. In the first season to join the Premier League, Costa had scored 20 rounds of 26 rounds of success. Today, he has quickly catch up with the efficiency of the year, 17 broke 13 times, only a little worse than the 2014-15 season only. However, this has been enough warlords. Costa scored not only the number of goals topped Premier League scorer this season, scoring goals is unmatched. Costa 12 league broke, while the other Premier League players did not even touch the two-digit side. Plus 5 assists, Costa has 18 times this season to participate in the league break, the data in the top five leagues (he is beyond Messi, C Luo, become the new king of the five league).

Quite surprisingly, the goal for Crystal Palace is Costa's first break of the season. The height of 1 meter 88 striker is not without high-altitude advantage, but the header Gongmen has not been a strength, after three hammers score appeared in the 2014-15 season, last season's break is all from the foot. Season with the ball of the wind adjustment, Costa more than a hard anti-defense, he averaged a number of high-altitude ball competition has declined from last season, won 1.6 times per game down to 1.1 times. Can be striker Qiangdian not in quantity, expensive in quality. Only one chance, Costa let the goalkeeper hope the ball sigh.

More than two months of the first yellow dye, the impulse is no longer the devil

The audience, however, shot twice, once hit the target, once blocked, contributed to determine the outcome of the ball blue 19 than two years ago, more terrible. In addition to offensive data, Costa has more amazing changes. He is no longer the tired of the Premiership defender, the chatter of the troublemakers, but completely cold killer. Although the Crystal Palace, Costa impulse or a bit, but the yellow card is more because of Ledley's fake ball trick clever.

Over the past two seasons, Costa single-season league yellow card number is 8. Now half the way yet, he has been warned 5 times. From the data point of view this seems to be a step backward, but the Spanish striker last time to eat the card is September 24 loss to Arsenal, enough to show that he has learned to control emotions. Recall October 15 to Leicester, the Blues 3 to 0 lead, Costa has also requested the Conti had replaced himself. It is a kind of Spanish striker is not confident performance, he wanted to avoid eating cards, to prevent the absence of the war against Manchester United. Conti can choose to let Costa be patient, the latter will breath for more than two months.

In fact, last Saturday, Costa is completely angry reason. Although the Crystal Palace defender did not like West Brom, Sunderland players with a fierce foul to block, but the blue center of the left cheek or in a scramble fell to the ground was not intentionally scratching. With blood, Costa finished the first half, he was not angry because of the hanging of color quite unexpected. Costa in the most correct way to fight back - personally broke, let opponents taste the bitter fruit of defeat. Costa scored a natural happy to force the team to lock the Christmas championship, suspended for a rest of his peace of mind to enjoy the vacation.