[FIFA News] From more than four years ago, three votes to today's four gold ball Mr. President

From more than four years ago, Luo three votes, and now the four golden ball Mr., 2016, a more comprehensive understanding of the C Lo. This is not only because he used his tenacity and dedication to redefine the football age; not only because he used his dedication, to subvert his 12 years of tragic fate. This is because he proved to the world, the brave is not fearless, but dare to face. Comments on the C Lo has been too much, may wish to change a point of view, from a picture about.


Brave fearless? C Luo is fearful

Today, C Lo is the most successful career time. So there are many comments, the C Lo said that the hype. There is a comment: C Luo has always had difficulties, tough character. For example, the Portuguese Daily News said, C Lo is a never know what the fear of the giant (He has no fear).

But personally think that this argument is too, too unreal. C Lo will be afraid, we can clearly see C Lo because of fear of broken dreams, and the performance of the fragile, trembling and suffocation. Two pictures: First, the 2016 European Cup knockout, Portugal and Poland's life and death battle. 120 minutes both fierce battle hard to compete, the game into the brutal penalty shootout. At that time, just Messi in the America's Cup final penalty shootout shortly after, C Luo as Messi's enemy of life, can not be completely unaffected.

People see the fragile side of C Lo. When his fate, need to use the penalty shootout this cruel, full of variables to decide when, C Lo also showed a fear. When the two teams hit all six before the penalty, the Portuguese eight players stand shoulder to shoulder together, they may be praying good luck. However, C Luo hands squatting on the ground with both hands, he did not dare look at this brutal trial moment! See such a scene, maybe people do not go to touting what C Luo fearless, Taishan pressure top does not bend over the. That is too much, that does not respect the facts. The truth is, he is also afraid! But, fear of fear, C Luo still chose the first out of the penalty kick, and firmly shot the ball. At this moment it is known that C Lo is not brave fearless, he will be afraid of the fate of the involuntary, but when he needs to bear, he can beat this fear it.

Also in this session of the European Cup, in the final, people once again see the fragile C Lo. Final confrontation France, smug C Luo in the first half was Payer in a not very glorious way kick injury, after the game, C Lo because of injury for nearly 2 months. In that final, C Luo injured, the same because of the fear of the aspirations, he lost. He not only on the spot crying, and once angry throw the captain's armband, vent emotions.


Just at once, C Luo and dragging the leg, picked up the armband, to wear on the arm of Nani. In the treatment of a fixed injury, he returned to the stadium, cheering for his teammates cheer. At this moment, people can still feel the reality of C Luo: he has emotions, he has fear, he will be afraid, he will lose ground. But he will not because of these fears and these emotions, and forget what he should play.

He is not a natural winner, he had the supreme pain

Perhaps through these two screens, people know that C Lo is not a natural winner. He has suffered, he has failed. Can be said that, compared to those other golden ball-class figures, compared to his life enemies Messi, C Luo sentimental perception, perception of the number of failures are more. It is precisely because of his success is particularly valuable.

Remember 12 years ago? In 2004, the fledgling C Luo, along with the Portuguese reached the European Cup final. If he can win, he can also like Messi, has just started to climb the top of the ring born winner. But unfortunately, C Luo fell in the distance from the European Cup champion the closest place, they lost to the fabulous Greece. C Lo cry that day.

Up to 12 years, C Luo has repeatedly in the contest after the tears. World Cup, 0-1 lost to the semi-finals in France; 08 European Cup, 1/4 finals lost to Germany 2-3; 2010 World Cup, knockout 0-1 loss to Spain; 2012 European Cup semi-final penalty World War lost to champions Spain ... ... In fact, those years, C Lo and his Portugal in the fierce fighting enemies, has been a very tough play. But each time lost a little bit, or a penalty, or a small score lost. Up to 12 years of waiting, so C Luo really began to understand the fear. 2016 European Cup for C Lo is already one of the few opportunities, because he has 31 years and a half, he is likely not the next time.

But this is C Lo. He had pain, he was extremely afraid of failure, he did not like the media say so brave fearless. But he can still brave to stand out to complete their mission. In view of this, C Luo 2016's success, it should be a more realistic assessment.

After the failure of insistence, achievements legend

2016, C Luo won his national team level up to 12 years of gamble. His national team story can be summarized as: young ignorant, he hit the highest honor failed, with unforgettable pain. The next 12 years, he failed again and again, the pain of a deep. But 12 years later, still with fear to brave the flame, his tenacity and perseverance to defeat the fear of his heart and play, changed the fate of the tragedy. There is a song like this: Even years, tampering with your face, you are still the same, the same boy!


In the Golden Globe Awards, the story of C Lo is it the same version? In 2008, the 23-year-old C Luo by virtue of their own in Manchester United led the team to win the Champions League, so that their first summit Golden Globe Award stage. At the time, C Lo has no doubt that he can create a dedicated to their own era. But then the C Lo, began to be brutal suppression from Messi. In 2009, Messi led his unit to win the Triple Crown - the next six months will be 3 this number into 6 - and in the Champions League final where the Manchester United hanging C Luo, the undisputed subversion of C Lo dream. Then in 2010, 2011, 2012, Messi won the Golden Globe.

Even C Lo went to the positive confrontation with Messi Real Madrid, even C Lo every game to make every effort, but he has not been able to break the Golden Lick Messi those years of magic with four Pa. So to 2011, C Luo suffered the greatest embarrassment of life: the UEFA Champions League MVP selection, 41 votes in Massey snatched 38 votes, C Luo became the three votes.


Therefore, the media have never recognized the C-so-called natural high-fu handsome, born big winner (Born to Win) argument. In C Luo's career, frustration, failure, painful memories abound, the national team so, the club so. In the most professional players in those years of gold, C Lo in the double-line feel is pain and frustration. Although he always head high, although he has always been to show his absolute self-confidence, but his heart, how can we not lost and suffering?

If it is an ordinary person, experienced so many setbacks and blows, will be brought to its knees. Also struggling with what? Not all say, if unable to resist to enjoy it? Is not already wealthy yet? Is not already the name of the world over it? Why go to the illusory dream to fight it! But C Luo did not. He chose to work hard, he chose day after day, year after year to go and his fatigue, injuries and human natural inertia to fight, he every day in hard work, he every game In the play life fight. Even if the face of the three teams of small scenes of the game, he will not because of a 2 into the ball into more goals and angry. To know that he took the Champions League, played the European Cup final, like eating shark fin abalone. But he is still for those humble buns and bare-chested fight!


Finally, by virtue of this tenacity, C Luo into a veteran sunset period, the successful completion of his career. Nearly 3 years 2 won the Champions League, nearly 4 years 3 wins the golden ball, more importantly, he became the Portuguese national team for the first time in a century captain and the number one star, completed Figo, Eusebio's unfinished ambition . He re-defined the era, this time does not belong to Messi, he is no longer Messi Halo under the three votes, he really can rival Messi.

This is the story of C Lo, he is not brave fearless, he is not born winner, he is not smooth sailing, he is only tenacity than others, far more than others, more than others know how to beat their hearts fear, Negative emotions in your mind. So he became a hero, so he became a legend. From his story, my generation, whether it can feel some positive energy?