[FIFA News] Inter Milan sits at home to beat Prague Sparta is still 6 points in the group bottom out

European Cup Group K sixth round of a focus of war, Inter Milan sits at home 2-1 win over Prague Sparta, but still with 6 points in the group bottom out. Edel scored two goals, the goalkeeper Carrizo saved a penalty, Sparta Praha Malacek scored once tied.

欧联杯-国米2-1胜仍垫底出局 埃德尔梅开二度

Competition Focus

Inter has missed the group stage, so the lineup for a more substantial adjustment. The team evolved 361. Nova Miange starting lineup, Anzardi guest midfielder, Biabyuani, Mello, Edel rotation appearance. In the attack, the star Pinar Monty and Palacio, Edel partner.

The first 23 minutes, Inter brilliant with the two star, Mi Ange breakthrough after the exact cross from the left, Pinamonte lean back live defender wonderful ball after the ball after the cross-knock, Edel Tuishe goalkeeper Saved, Edel follow up blank range break! Inter 1-0 lead.

54 minutes, Prague Spartak Duo Kaer cross from the left, Malechek 10 meters away from the door to the top of the arc, the ball hanging corner network, Carrizo full height take-off also can not touch The ball! Prague Sparta 1-1 tied the score. Inter nearly 10 games of the line events, 9 games lose the ball.

The first 65 minutes, Prague Sparta on the right pass, Rafa Qiangdian was Andre Ollie pulled down, the referee whistled a penalty! Duo Kaer surgeon kick low shot low right corner, Carrizo flying side flapping the ball out of the bottom line! 67 minutes, Prague Sparta on the right cross, Lafata header hit Andreolioli shoulder, the referee did not continue to blow a penalty.

The first 90 minutes, Ansardi break the ball, Edel closed the top of the restricted area turned away from the top of the Mitchell - Kadelaici turned strongly low shot, the ball was caught! Inter 2-1 lead again.

Inter has been identified before the round of qualifying round, Sparta Praha has been identified, two teams play a "friendship game", which is not much foul on both sides can be seen. Inter Milan sits at home on the reserve novice mixed team, although the scene dominant, but with strange, just rely on the goalkeeper flapping and finished before the lore, in order to thrilling win.

Appearance lineup

Inter Milan (3-4-2-1): 30 - Carrizo / 24 - Murillo, 2 - Andreolioli, 13 - La Nokia / 11 - Biyabiani, 15 - Ansar Di (44-Pelicic, 46th minute) / 99-Pinamonte (93- Bakayoko, 80 minutes)

Sparta Praha (4-2-3-1): 33-Kubak / 4-Karavayev, 2-Mazurh, 3-Michaels-Kadlec, 26-Costa / 25-Huo Lectra, 11-Malechek / 30-Ulysses (43-Dudel, 87th minute), 9-Docar, 17-Selmac (16-Sachek, 78 minutes) Tower (24-Pulcrab, 73 minutes)

Dec 9, 2016