[FIFA News] J Lo's complaint unreasonable

Club World Cup final, J Luo unexpectedly a bit of behavior. Arguably, the final did not play the players after the game is generally not in the mixed zone interview, the day was arranged in contact with the media Real Madrid players are Ramos, Navas, Lucas Vazquez and others. However, hold back a bad mood of the J Luo could not help but to a bit out, he knew that the mixed region has the American FOX radio journalists, so they gathered around the Spanish journalists came to their area. Before the final he said to the radio station in Colombia, "When a player wants to join Real Madrid this club, because want to have more opportunities to win trophies, and Real Madrid has long been accustomed to winning, so I am happy here" is because he In the semi-finals, good or bad also off the bench for nearly half an hour, the final did not even get the chance to warm-up, J Luo face it could not hang.

观点-J罗发牢骚没道理 怨天尤人不如自尊自强

However, the situation is not only interested in the J-American radio stations, including the Spanish media. "We want to know, Real Madrid this year's game task has all ended, how will you plan for the future in the future of Christmas?", The reporter said. Will not change the door in the winter window? "There is a belly grievances of J Luo, this time who do not care who is the object, despite the big grievances," I can not guarantee that will continue in Real Madrid, I do not lack the invitation, it will use a week "I was happy at Real Madrid but I needed more time to play, and I was bitter at not being able to play in today 's final but I have to be happy for the team to win the trophy.

J Luo in the team to win a big trophy when the complaining, it seems outdated, in fact, he can not play on the game can not blame others. Even in the October national team game, he also played because of the poor state of great loss of standard. Bell injured, Zidane intention to support him, J Luo should not appreciate it. From mid-November to the present 1 month, Zinedine Zidane in Gijon and Deportivo La Coruna League, the two rounds of Lionessa King's Cup, Dortmund's Champions League in his debut, J Lo Playing time more than the same location of the Isco and Assencio.

What kind of player to use in the game depends on the characteristics of the opponent. To the Americas Mexico World Club Cup semi-finals, for example, Cross second leg hit, the opponent from the 5 defender evolutions 4 guard, are forced to Zidane for targeted substitutions. Real Madrid need to consider is a passer rather than the ball player, so even if the Isco and Asensio has been warm-up for 20 minutes, Zinedine Zidane decided to send just warm-up 2 minutes J Luo. As for the Kashima Antlers final, Real Madrid pulled into 2 to 2, Zidane decided to attack the main wing, in particular, to recover evolutions 3 Casio midfielder, the Real Madrid need to ensure the ball time, then replaced Vazquez Isco and not J Luo. Therefore, we can not say that Zidane cold Jaro, Colombians do not complain, but to take advantage of Bell's injury to seize the opportunity to restore the state.

Although the last two months, Real Madrid schedule, but the time is still far from the tense moment of arrival, at least until January's Kings Cup month or April to May of the sprint. By then, J Lo to enhance the state, will get a lot of game opportunities. However, if he thought he was not met, would like to run away in the winter window, you can understand. World Cup final after J Luo out-of-date speech, has been high-level start to worry about Real Madrid, J Law is not difficult to break away, but worried that his discontent destroyed Zidane to create a harmonious atmosphere.