[FIFA News] Leipzig was Bayern off the hook

A long-awaited Bundesliga top war, the result has become Bayern's one-man show. As the Bundesliga this season, the biggest dark horse, Leipzig this "away Dragon" in the Allianz Arena rule of obedience, this season they want to copy Leicester City in the Premiership win miracles, too difficult.


This is a turn less than the two sides against the record, there is no Battle of the Bundesliga battle. Leipzig was founded in 2009, only 7 years of history, and Bayern's game is the first time in the history of the two sides meet. If the state from the two teams before the game, points and the performance of the season, the fans will definitely think this is a close battle, but the game process is eye-popping.

The start of the game in Leipzig can also have some offensive, but in Tiago for Bayern's first record, the game was completely Bayern into their orbit, Fusibeli in the first 30 minutes of the red card is to let the game become one-sided. Bayern kicked the whole game easy to enjoy, regardless of the offensive or defensive quality from the point of view, compared with Leipzig is simply two different levels of the team.

After the game, "kicker," said Bayern at home a good lesson Leipzig meal, who is the Bundesliga boss? From both the performance of today's point of view, obviously more worthy of Bayern. "We're not doing well, Bayern deserved this victory, they gave us a lesson, but I'm still proud of the team's performance so far this season," he said.

Leipzig is the youngest team in the Bundesliga, they face the oldest team in Bundesliga Bayern exposed the lack of experience, the state of mind imbalances and many other issues. Leipzig in the Bundesliga in the second half behind Bayern 3 points in the first 2, in theory they are still Bayern's biggest competitor, but in such a defeat after the champion balance has been tilted to Bayern.

Leicester looked in the Premier League last season, winning the inspirational story, the fans are looking forward to Leipzig to reproduce the miracle, after more special coach Tuhul said, "Leipzig can reproduce the miracle of Leicester, They play I believe they can do it. "But today's defeat is undoubtedly a pot of cold water poured into Leipzig," sport1 "after the game, also known as:" This defeat can let Leipzig have the opportunity to adjust, but Bayern It 's so good now that Leipzig has a hard time winning the title.