[FIFA News] Lionel Messi and C Lo what is strong and weak

Former Barcelona coach Guardiola stressed that in his view, Messi and C Lo, the two players in the end who is more excellent, this is simply not a question worth discussing.

瓜帅:恭喜C罗获金球奖 但梅西高他一个层次

In 2016, C Luo won a number of heavyweight trophies, including the Champions League and the European Cup champion, he also in this year's European Golden Globe Award beat Messi, his career won the fourth This honor. But even so, Guardiola is still clear that, in order to be compared with Messi, C Luo, there is still a long way to go.

Recently, the current Barcelona coach Enrique refuted the "only Golden Globe" theory, in addition, he also made it clear that the other players and Messi, is a "very funny" thing. In front of reporters in the media, Guardiola also agree with those remarks Enrique, of course, the current position of Manchester City coach, and the latter is not as intense and direct.

In a news conference, Guardiola said: "I agree with Enrique's remarks." All along, Messi has always been the best star, it is certain .In the football game, Mei West is always clear how he can help his team, how to score, and how to help other teammates to play the best level of personal, regardless of the adversity, regardless of good or bad, Massey has been there.

"I respect every football player, especially C Luo, I must congratulate him on the European Golden Globe Award in 2016. But I always think that, compared with C Luo, Messi is another level, another level player of."