[FIFA News] Liverpool away to lore Everton plot 37 points over Manchester City ranked No. 2

2016-17 Premier League seventeenth round of Merseyside Derby, Liverpool away 1-0 lore Everton, Mani added the first 4 minutes break. Liverpool after the current round of 37 points over Manchester City ranked No. 2, 6 points from the leader Chelsea.

英超-马内补时绝杀 利物浦德比战1-0距榜首6分

Liverpool starting with exactly the same as the last round, Orijiji and Manny and Philip Morris continue to form a trident, Klein ushered in the effectiveness of the League of Liverpool's 50th war, Stuart Ricky was on standby in the standby. Everton side, Luca library before, Lennon and Enna - Valencia two wings fly together.

The first 13 minutes, Phil Migno backcourt knocked Enna - Valencia foul, Enna - Valencia free kick hit the wall in the pop-up wall! The first 23 minutes, Lennon left breakthrough low pass, Luka library outflanking in place, but the defender first-out kick.

The first 27 minutes, Klein foul ball, homeopathic back to do Fermino, Vernal Dum external detonation fired anti-aircraft guns.

The first 37 minutes, Mani jumped to the ball, Werner Dum closed the ball before the edge of the restricted area, Klein right cross in front of Oliver outflanking homeopathic Tuishe, the ball just a little wide!

Easy side battles, Barry for the injured McCarthy, which is Barry's 610th Premier League appearance, he surpassed Lampard came to the Premiership appearance list 2, only 22 games away from Ryan Giggs.

The first 50 minutes, Milner long pass hit behind, Phil Mignon single-handedly face Stoke Erbao of the lob was blocked, then the bottom line of the ball to pick Phil Migno Road, Mane barbed the ball did not hit the hook .

57 minutes, Phil Mignon heel knock, Mane high-speed plug in, back to the defense of the first out of the Bayern siege, attack and team-mate Bynes and Stekelenburg due to the collision injury, followed by Roberts bench Appearance.

68 minutes, Buckley side bright shovel shovel Henderson escaped the red card, this bad foul action triggered a conflict, Coleman has also been booked.

The first 75 minutes, Barkley free kick pass, Williams leaps high swing leap, Mino Levin firmly seized the ball.

The first 80 minutes, Milner right corner to open to the restricted area, Firmino Road Qiangdian beautiful volley Tuishe, Roberts subconsciously fell to the ground to rescue! Everton escaped!

Up to 8 minutes, the first 94 minutes, Stuart Ridge left the ball before the restricted area suddenly the ball from the long-range, the ball hit the right side of the column pop-up, the ball into the door to promote the Marconi 0-1! Liverpool complete lore!

97 minutes, Mani fell to the ground within the restricted area to do the ball, Firmino Tuishe Kongmen, Coleman door online rescue!

This is a melee combat, two errors and fouls are more, in the attack to create opportunities are not many. Everton's defense has been doing well, but in the last minute lapse time, so Mane caught the opportunity to blank range. Data, Liverpool shot 11 to 6, shot 4 to 1, corner 6 to 1, possession rate of 67.6%, the Red Army is worthy of the victory.

Appearance lineup

Everton (4231):

Goalkeeper: 22 - Stekelenburg (1 - Roberts 62 ')

Defenders: 23 - Coleman, 25 - Morley, 5 - Williams, 3 - Baines

Lumbar: 17-Gaye, 16-McCarthy (18-Bari 46 ')

Midfielder: 12-Lennon, 8 - Buckley, 19 - Enna - Valencia (29 - Levin 73 ')

Striker: 10 - Lukaku

Liverpool (433):

Goalkeeper: 22 - Mino Levin

Defenders: 2-Klein, 17-Clavin, 6-Lovren, 7-Milner

Midfielder: 14 - Henderson, 5 - Vinaldum, 20 - Lalana (23 - Emre - Zhan 82 ')

Forward: 19-Manet (21-Lucas 98 '), 27-Orijee (15-Sturridge 82'), 11-Firmino