[FIFA News] Liverpool Feng Pa winters to leave Milan AC Milan 25.5 million pounds to poach

Liverpool striker Stuart Ritchie is seeking a move, "The Sun" news, Stewart Ricky AC Milan as a transfer target, he hopes to leave the team to change the playing time is now less problem, the transfer market site to the England front Pa price of 25.5 million pounds. Sturridge played a total of 77 games for Liverpool, scoring 43 goals, efficiency is impressive.

2013 Winter window, Stewart Ridge to 12.75 million pounds of transfer fee from Chelsea (data) to join Liverpool. This season, Klopp on Liverpool striker transformation, Stuart Ritchie long sitting on the bench standby, he is very dissatisfied with today's situation. Stuart Ritchie also complained in the media interview, Klopp's training method is simply devil purgatory-like suffering, he complained that this high-intensity training may make their bodies too much.

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Klopp more like to use Philino as a starter, Stuart Ritchie Oliver to compete with another alternate position. However, Stuart Ridge in the England national team is still firmly secured starting position, he wants to move in the upcoming winter window to leave. Italian media Calciomercato reported that AC Milan intends to introduce Sturridge.

AC Milan acquisition can make a big fuss in the transfer market, Montella also hope to enhance the striker after the strength of Baccarat. Barker has recently scored a goal drought, since joining AC Milan, Baka in the 55 games scored 26 goals. Since this season, Baka and Montella had a contradiction. Montella hope Sturridge can activate the AC Milan's offensive system.

AC Milan in the Serie A standings 25 points ranked No. 3, behind Rome, 2 points behind the top Juventus (official website data) 5 points. Farewell to the Champions League for many years, AC Milan once again see the impact of the Champions League hope Buy FIFA 17 Coins. The acquisition also allows Milan to have a great confidence in the transfer market operation, they want to strengthen the team in the winter window, Stuart Ritchie's transfer transactions also put on the agenda. AC Milan is willing to pay 25.5 million pounds to pay Stuart Ridge this transfer, to replace the unstable state of Baca.