[FIFA News] Liverpool home court 2-0 out of Championship side Liz United scored 17 stars origgi seri

2016-17 season England League Cup 1/4 final, Liverpool home 2-0 out of the British crown team Leeds United, Aoli Ji even broke, 17-year-old comet virgin ball record.

英联杯-利物浦2-0淘汰利兹联 奥里吉连场破门

The same league last weekend, compared to Liverpool starting rotation of 8 people, Edgaria, Ao Liji, Stewart, Arnold, Lucas, Clavin, Moreno and Minho Lele played. Before the game for the Shapi Kohns air crash victims in silence, two players arm wrapped around the crape.

The first 12 minutes, Ejeriya sent a scalpel Zhise, Vernal Dum closed the first time homeopathic fire, Sylvester made a good fight. The first 16 minutes, Werner Dum pass, Clavan sudden Shi Shi Leng Jian, but more outrageous bias.

The first 33 minutes, Phillips bold return, Bartley and the attacking goalkeeper Sylvester have some let the ball, Emre - Zhanqiang the first to reach out Tongshe, the ball almost rolled into the void.

53 minutes, Stuart backcourt, Phillips steals the ball, Ruffy right foot arc ball hit the center column pop! Liverpool escaped!

The first 65 minutes, Taylor out corner, Bartley pretty shakes the door, but slightly out of the bottom line. Then Liverpool field after the ball error, Vieira Zhise, Ruffy inside the restricted area to face the Mino Levin low shot was Puzhu.

The first 72 minutes, Ma Nei Muse gap, Werner Dum high-speed into the restricted area the first time the right foot Tuishe, the ball hit the left column pop!

The first 76 minutes, Arnold right-sided direct 45-degree cross, Oregon grab grab the point before the foot pad broke, 1-0! Aurigi broke even!

81 minutes, Oregon cross within the restricted area, Vernal Dum penalty point near the selfless ball, Wood this small burst near the restricted area, 2-0! This is the 17-year-old Wood burn Liverpool first team in the sub-ball, Woodburn to 17 years and 45 days to become Liverpool's youngest player in the history of goals.

As the rotation of eight people, plus a number of young players play, Liverpool today at both ends of the offense and defense there have been some low-level errors, but fortunately the second half Orij's goal for the Red Army to eat a reassurance, teenager Arnold and off the bench Wood this outstanding performance. Data, Liverpool shot 13 times 4 shots, and Leeds United as. Possession rate of Liverpool reached 71.6%, the corner is 3 to 5.

Appearance lineup

Liverpool (433):

Goalkeeper: 22 - Mino Levin

Defenders: 66 - Arnold, 21 - Lucas, 17 - Clavin, 18 - Moreno

Midfielder: 35-Stewart (58-Woodburn 67 '), 5-Werner Dum, 23-Emre-Zhan

Striker: 53 - Egeria (7 - Milner 82 '), 27 - Orij (16 - Gruych 91'), 19 - Mane

Leeds United (442):

Goalkeeper: 12 - Sylvester

Defenders: 28-Berardi, 5-Bartley, 6-Cooper (2-Eling 46 '), 21-Taylor

Midfielders: 24 - Sacco, 14 - Okain (23 - Phillips 28 '), 25 - Vieira, 7 - Lu Fei

Forward: 11-Dukara, 15-Dallas (9-Wood 62 ')