[FIFA News] Liverpool sits at Anfield on West Ham

2016-17 English Premier League season 15, Liverpool Anfield stadium against West Ham United

利物浦VS西汉姆前瞻:红军争胜 锋霸战旧主

Competition Aspect

1, Liverpool want to get back on track: the last round of Liverpool 3-1 lead in the case of tragically Bournemouth 3-4 reversal of the Red Army after the defeat has been behind leader Chelsea 4 points. The Premier League is about to open the Christmas New Year's devil race, Liverpool hope to return to the correct track in time. West Ham last season, home and away have killed Liverpool, scored 5 goals, 0 conceded. The game on Klopp's team will also be a battle of revenge.

2, Bilic returns with the trust of victory? West Ham last round at home 1-5 defeat at the foot of the city rivals Arsenal, 5 after the hammer to help infinitely close to the relegation zone. Bilic's position is precarious, but the West Ham board of directors is still at this critical moment expressed his support, the "rock coach" the only thing to do is to use a victory to return the trust. This off-Liverpool game, West Ham will certainly be the armed forces, Bilic's goal is only victory.

3, Liverpool 3 will be absent: Klopp confirmed before the game, Ince, Kudiniao and Stewart Ricky will miss the game with West Ham, which Stuart Rick's injury slag did not set the back time. Defender Mathip has been out of the injury, may be back in the game starting, the last round of minor injuries in the end of the Mane did not hurt, is expected to continue before the Ao Li Ji sudden. West Ham, Crespiere and Antonio fit to play, but Cuyat, Sarko will be absent, Carroll will return to Anfield, the last round of the bench goal he is likely to be played opportunities.

Pre - game sound

Klopp (Liverpool coach): "We played well against Bournemouth, I hope to continue this performance, and better consolidation of defense.I have seen a few West Ham game, they have a lot Injury, but their wounded will come back against us, we also want to compete with the strongest West Ham!

BILLY (West Ham): "Liverpool is definitely one of the contenders for the Premiership title this season, and they lost 3-1 to Bournemouth in the 3-1 lead in the last round. We have some confidence, they are very strong, so you have to be defensive, you need to prevent them from creating opportunities and scoring, I believe we can do.

Confrontation record

Both sides have 131 times in the history of the confrontation, Liverpool 68 wins 35 flat 28 negative dominant, into the 212 ball lost 128 goals. The Reds defeated the Hammer on January 31, 2015.

Injury situation

Liverpool: Ince, Kudiniao, Sturridge

West Ham: Cuyat, Sacco

Predictive starters

Liverpool (433):

Goalkeeper: 1- Carius

Defenders: 2-Klein, 32-Matip, 6-Lovren, 7-Milner

Midfielder: 14 - Henderson, 23 - Emre - Zhan, 5 - Venarduomu

Striker: 19 - Mane, 27 - Oregon, 11 - Philomena

West Ham United (3421):

Goalkeeper: 1 - Randolph

Defenders: 19 - Collins, 2 - Reid, 21 - Aon Bonner

Midfielder: 31 - Fernandez, 16 - Nobel, 14 - Obiang, 3 - Cresville

Frontal: 10 - Ranzini, 27 - Payer

Striker: 30 - Antonio

Dec 10, 2016