[FIFA News] Manchester City 2-0 home victory over Watford before the Premier League two straight and

16th round of the Premier League a focus of war, Manchester City 2-0 home win over Waterford, the end of the previous Premier League two straight after the end of the Premiership home four victorious. Sabaleta first, David - Silva seal the victory, but Manchester City's Gandhian, De Brou both were injured due to be replaced.

英超-曼城2-0终结连败 铁卫拔头筹席尔瓦建功

Competition Focus

Suffered a two-game losing streak of Guardiola to make a larger adjustment, compared to Everton's first round against the last round, Manchester City made five adjustments: left back Clichy replaced Sarnia, central guard Ottamendi replaced Sri Lanka Tongs, midfielder Yajitulei replaced Fernando, right winger Stirling replaced Navas, suddenly forward Nolito replaced Isinacho.

The first 8 minutes, Sterling on the right after the collapse of the inverted triangle, De Braun shot saved by the goalkeeper. The first 22 minutes, Nolito received Clichy pass into the restricted area after the small-angle low-angle single-pole low shot will Dangxia, Gomez struggling to block the ball. Watford's Pereira was injured by Sunny replaced.

The first 32 minutes, De Brouen pass to the left after the point, Sabaleta out of a small restricted area defensive volley break! Manchester City 1-0 lead, this is Saba Leita Premier League goals this season. The end of the first half, Jing Duan was replaced due to injury, Manchester City midfielder was replaced when the mood depressed.

57 minutes, Sterling easily break the door after 14 meters Bristol shot, the ball close to the lintel higher. 76 minutes, Watford free kick formed a restricted area melee, Kapu door 6 meters away from the volley blank range, the ball Bravo bravely saved. Before the end of the game, De Braun was replaced because of injury. 86 minutes, Fernando frontcourt, Manchester City formed 4 dozen 2 fast counter, Stirling broke into the restricted area left unselfish cross, David - Silva 12 meters away from the door Tuishe broke. Manchester City 2-0 to seal the victory, this is David - Silva Premiership this season, the first goal.

Huge results under pressure, Manchester City did not go all out to strengthen the attack, but with the ball, scraping and other means to strengthen the defense. So although Manchester City offensive data than the beginning of the season gap is not small, but the blue moon or won a victory.

Appearance lineup

Manchester City (4-1-4-1): 1 - Bravo / 5 - Saba Leta, 30 - Otamendi, 11 - Kolarov, 22 - Clichy / 8 - Gandhian An (6 - Fernando, 44 ​​minutes) / 7 - Stirling, 42 - Yayatulei, 17 - De Broun (15 - Navas, 81 minutes), 21 - David - Silva / 9 - Connaught Lito

Waterford (4-3-3): 1- Gomez / 22-Young Matt (10-Sousse, 60 minutes), 5- Prodel, 3- Britos, 25-Huo Levass / 37 - Robert Pereira (19 - Sunny, 30 minutes), 17 - Gu Di Euler, 29 - Kapu / 7 - Amarabat, 24 - Ignatius, 19 - Jerome Sinclair (9-Dini, 72 minutes)