[FIFA News] Manchester United beat home Sunderland 5 game winning streak

2016-17 season, 18th round of the Premier League, Manchester United 3-1 win at Sunderland, the tournament 5 game winning streak. Ibrahimovic 1 shot 2 pass, Brende broke, Muhtarlian copy Ibrahimovic "scorpion wagging tail" miracle.

Compared with the previous round, Manchester United's starting there are two adjustments, Brind and Mata were replaced Damian and Rooney, Wayne Rooney because of yesterday's training in discomfort, so did not enter the competition list. Moyes led his unit to return to Dream Theater.

5 minutes, Valencia Zhise, Bogba restricted area on the right side of the small angle of a sudden kicker, Pickford net smash sell, the other guard to grab the Mata blank range before the rescue.

18 minutes, Herrera cross from the left, Phil - Jones header Gongmen out, followed by Pickford kickoff kickoff to launch a quick counter, Defoe to an enemy 2 into the restricted area left foot volley deviation .

The first 20 minutes, Blind large restricted online pull Aniqie Bei was booked, Fan Anholt 24 yards outside the arc ball left the door, Degea flying rescue!

The first 27 minutes, Lin Jade to do the ball, Bogba 24 yards outside the right foot strong arc ball Gongmen, the ball touch the defender to increase the arc rub in the column outside the pop-up!

The first 29 minutes, Jermain Defoe left the ball into the restricted area, Blind header into siege Oolong assists, Anichelp and Borini in front of a row of two-legged gates were quick response Deheya closure Out!

The first 37 minutes, Blind cross from the left, Gloria Borgie header siege not far, Van Ann Holt closed foot striker kicked empty, Borgba chest volley to remove the ball hit the ball high.

The first 39 minutes, Ibrahimovic left wing out of the penalty area, Bryant left foot vigorously low shot, the ball fleeing into the far corner of the door, 1-0! This is the first goal of this season, Blind, Ibrahimovic first sent assists.

The first half stoppage time, Ibrahimovic pass, Bogba in the two players under the double-teamed the ball to provoke turned volley shot, Pickford rescue. Then Mata free kick ball ball Gongmen, the ball around the wall to the bottom left corner, Pickford flying the ball saved.

The first 50 minutes, Herrera right-sided angle of 45 degrees rubbing restricted area, Bogba beautiful shakes Gongmen, the ball slightly above the bar. The first 52 minutes, Mata wearing crotch Zhise plug right rib cage, Ibrahimovic broke into the restricted area right foot shot hit the ball fly.

The first 63 minutes, Mata right-sided long pass transfer, Muhtarlane pulled a large restricted area online right-footed arc ball ball Gongmen, the ball a little wide of the bottom line. The first 65 minutes, Muhtaran closed area outside the former foot back Muse, Zlatan Ibrahimovic right foot low shot was denied!

82 minutes, the East East Borgba mistakes successfully steal, the formation of 2 to play the front 1, Bogba to attract the defensive ball, Ibrahimovic restricted area to face calmly break Pickford, 2-0! Ibrahimovic this season, the league's first 12 goals, his 2016 club + national team goals to reach 50, only 1 goal behind Messi.

86 minutes, Danaier after the field passing errors, Manchester United frontcourt steals to fight back, Valencia split edge, Ibrahimovic right-sided 45-degree angle pass, Muhtarlian point before the beautiful "scorpion tail" Broken network, 3-0! Slow motion replay showed Miktaran offside first, but the linesman did not see.

The first 91 minutes, Danaer right-sided 45-degree cross, Roho header siege, Borini 24 yards outside the chest to stop the ball right foot outside the instep volley break net, Degea can only hope the ball disappointed! 3-1!

Manchester United dominated at home, shot 25 to 7, shot 9 to 4, corner 6 to 5, possession rate reached 62.4%. Sunderland in the first half once played well, Anichelbet and Jermain Defoe have the opportunity to break, but Degea brave performance. The second half of the appearance of Mu Xitailiang enhanced Manchester United's offensive firepower, Ibrahimovic dominated the audience.

Appearance lineup

United (433):

Goalkeepers: 1 - Degea

Guard: 25 - Valencia, 4 - Phil Jones, 5 - Rojo, 17 - Blind

Midfielders: 21 - Herrera (27 - Feleni 84 '), 16 - Carrick, 6 - Bogba

Striker: 14 - Lingard (22 - Mu Xitailiang 62 '), 9 - Ibrahimovic, 8 - Mata (11 - Mashal 74')

Sunderland (433):

Goalkeeper: 13 - Pickford

Defenders: 2 - Billy - Jones, 23 - Bureau, 5 - Giro Bogie, 3 - Fan Anholt

Midfielder: 17-En East (22-Lovett 86 '), 7-Larsson (10-Kasri 83'),

Striker: 9 - Borini, 18 - Defoe, 28 - Anichebe