[FIFA News] Manchester United boss Mourinho will not force away the German midfielder Schweinsteiger

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho made it clear that he would be willing to listen to the other teams' offer for Derby and Schneiderling after the transfer window was reopened in January, but the madman stressed that he Will not be forced out of the German midfielder Schweinsteiger.

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In the summer of 2014, former Manchester United manager Van Gaal insisted on signing Schneider and Depp, in order to get the two players, when the Red Devils paid a total of more than 50 million pounds of transfer fee. However, in recent weeks time, Schneider Lin and De Pei Manchester United manager Mourinho has been disregarded: in the away challenge to Lu Gansk's European Cup group stage, the two players failed to participate in the competition List; and at home against Tottenham Premier League focus war, although they got on the bench, but did not get a minute of playing time.

Since Mourinho took over Manchester United, Schneider Lin and Despeier never in the Premiership won the first chance, the news that Everton coach Ronald - Coleman eager to get the two in the The Red Devils depressed unsuccessful, the former field players. In a weekly press conference, a reporter asked Schneider and De Pei at the Old Trafford stadium in the future, Mourinho made it clear that he is willing to listen to other teams on the two Quotes of players.

Mourinho said: "I have always been willing to listen to other teams for my players under the command of the price.Of course, the other team's offer is certainly secondary, compared with, I am more willing to listen to the player's own wishes In my coaching experience, there were a lot of players who knocked on the door of my office and said they were unhappy and wanted to move out of the team.As long as there was a team out of the offer for these players, I never forced I did not care if they stayed in the team, even if they joined my team's rivals, and I did not have any problems with Mata from Chelsea (data) to Manchester United, and in my team management philosophy, This is not a problem at all, I have always been. "

July 2015, Schweinsteiger to 500 million pounds worth of Manchester United from Bayern Munich, after taking office in Mourinho, the German midfielder will be lost in the Reds first-team performance opportunities. However, Manchester United in the League Cup against West Ham in the game, Schweinsteiger off the bench, he was the dawn of the Red Devils in the future. Although Schweinsteiger failed to enter the Manchester United team in recent competitions, but Mourinho stressed that the Red Devils are not in a hurry to put the pig out next month.

Mourinho said: "I hope Schweinsteiger can stay in Manchester United, unless he asked to leave the team .I never forced players to accept anything, I will not just because they are not happy, do not appreciate A player to directly drive him out of the team.I am satisfied with the current lineup of Manchester United, I am willing to finish this season with a lineup, even if some players did not get too many opportunities for performance, but I Still like them.I am willing to leave every Manchester United player, everyone can get a chance.

"A lot of the time, the opportunity to put in there, to see if you can not catch it. Look at Phil - Jones, when Bailey, Marlin and other central defender can not play, Jones got the opportunity, In the last few races he did very well, and then we have the Premier League, the European Cup to play, in addition we also reached the League Cup semi-finals, it was two rounds of the contest, after that I even hope United So the current Manchester United first team number of players is not too much.Schweinsteiger is also a member of the team, he can enrich me in the avant-garde line On the selection. "