[FIFA News] Manchester United in the winter window on Schuler's move with the Blues Chelsea for some

With the winter window approaching, the major clubs are hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce the lineup, especially for the poor record team even more so. According to the British media "Sun" news, Premiership giants Manchester United eager to buy a midfielder in the winter window reinforcement, while the effectiveness of Hoffenheim's 21-year-old defender Schuler became the number one goal Uncle birds. In addition to Manchester United, the Chelsea is also very interested in Schuler, Manchester United is bound in the winter window on the Schuler transfer and the Blues for some fierce competition.

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The new season after the war, Manchester United poor record in the first 13 rounds of the Premier League only plot 20 points, ranked sixth in the Premiership, from the top of the Chelsea have 11 points gap. Red Devils in the current defender, Bailey injured, Smolen is not the trust of birds Uncle, Jones, although back from injury, but his athletic state has not yet reached the best, although Blind can be a guest defender, but this and Not a long-term solution.

So Uncle Bird hopes to buy a defender in the winter window reinforcement strength, according to previous media reports, Manchester United have offered to the Benfica team out of the 26 million euros offer to buy the team's Swedish defender Lindlef, but Benfica is Lions opening to 60 million euros. Manchester United did not want to be taken advantage of, thus changing the signings target, the effectiveness of the German Hoffenheim 21-year-old defender Schuler became the Red Devils choice.

Schumer height 194 cm, and strong body, in the header Zhengding in the great advantage, not only that, in the team before the field of free kick attack, his header shot is also very threatening. In addition, Schuler's tackle is very decisive, tackling rate is very high, and a good sense of location, the other side of the threat to intercept the ball is also quite skill. In this summer's Rio Olympic Games, he as the main players participating, outstanding performance, and for the German Olympic team to get an Olympic silver medal. Most of the Mu Shuai see Schuler's age, the defender is only 21 years old, once he joined the Red Devils, he and Bailey will likely be Manchester United's next decade's Zhongwei partner.

In addition to Manchester United, the Chelsea are also very interested in Schuler, the Blues in the summer had 30 million offer Schuler, but was rejected, and according to a person close to Hoffenheim disclosed recently, Chelsea offer again to Schuler , And Chelsea will be the introduction of Schuler Manchester United a huge threat.