[FIFA News] Manchester United keep an eye on Tottenham star or super 10 million pounds won

According to the British "Daily Mirror" the latest report, the Premiership giants Manchester United desperately eager to introduce a high level of striker, the Red Devils have been the focus of attention to the England international Harry Kane body. Currently, Kane and Tottenham Tottenham's contract negotiations have been collapsed, Manchester United want to take this opportunity to win the local high-center in one fell swoop. Tottenham had tried to renew the contract with Kane before, but because the players for the salary requirements are too high, that the final end of the negotiations broke up FIFA 17 Coins. "Daily Mirror" reported that Kane wants to get a weekly salary in Tottenham more than 100,000 pounds of the new contract, his offer to the club president Daniel - Levi was furious. Reporter John - Cross said the current Tottenham has reached a consensus with Kane, after the end of the season, the two sides will once again sit down to discuss the specific issues of renewal.

Kane is currently signed with Tottenham, the contract will expire at the end of June 2020, the current weekly salary of 60,000 pounds. Before the British media reported that Kane wants to get a weekly contract doubled the new contract, Tottenham found the front line core in the sky asking price. But objectively speaking, Kane is fully qualified to get 12 million pounds of weekly earnings, because in his England striker teammates, Stewart's weekly salary of 130,000 pounds, Walter's weekly salary has reached 120,000 GBP.

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Manchester United is currently the main center is Ibrahimovic, but the Red Devils had only signed with the Swedish tower of God a one-year contract. Taking into account the fact that Ibrahimovic has a high age, he naturally can not long-term effect in Manchester United, so Old Trafford stadium does need a prime of life in the high striker, so no matter which standard to measure, Kane are very consistent Red Devils requirements.

However, Kane and Tottenham's contract has been signed in 2020, so there is no need for the North London giants rush to sell their own team headed by the masters. Back ten thousand steps, even if Tottenham decided to sell Kane cash, hope to get the English striker's European giants, but also not just a Manchester United. Therefore, in order to really bring Kane to Old Trafford stadium, I am afraid Manchester United still need to pay a huge effort Caixing.

Nov 19, 2016