[FIFA News] Manchester United try to introduce the Portuguese star Andre - Silva

From the British Daily Mirror reported that Manchester United for the Portuguese star Andre - Silva is very interested in, they will try to introduce the name of C Luo's national teammates, but Silva's worth is not low, the contract Breach of contract reached 60 million euros, the effectiveness of the European black shop - Porto.

Manchester United in the front line with Ibrahimovic, Rooney, Marche and Rushford such a configuration, but the team's attack power has never been deployed to the best condition, to a certain extent, this affects the Manchester United's record, but Ibrahimovic's contract expires next summer, Manchester United in the transfer market as soon as possible to finalize the new front tyrants.

曼联PK皇马巴萨曼城抢C罗队友 21岁天才10场7球

Manchester United also joined the Portuguese international, Andre Silva, after the Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Daily Mirror news. Andre - Silva was only 21 years old, upside potential is very large, his height reached 185cm, in the field position is forward. This season, Andrei - Silva in Portugal super efficient, played 10 times, scoring 7 goals in the Champions League, he harvested two goals.

Andrea - Silva has played for Portugal U19, U20 and U21 youth team, played very well in August of this year, he was promoted to the adult national team, then received the appreciation of Santos in the World Cup qualifier in Europe District of the game, Silva into 4 balls, play a very high light FIFA 17 Points. Andre - Silva turned out to Portugal has a new front hegemony, C Lo has also been liberated to the wing.

Porto is a famous European black shop, Andre Silva in the transaction, they naturally abacus play smart, it is learned that the two sides have signed a new contract, Andre - Silva contract penalty is 6000 Million euros, which naturally is a very high amount.


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