[FIFA News] Manchester United will be at home against Tottenham before the two team coaches touted e

Round of the Premiership, Manchester United will be at home against Tottenham, before the two coaches each other "touted." Mourinho praised Pocitino is a very good coach, Pocetino said Mourinho has been a lot of unfair treatment.

热刺主帅力挺穆帅:史上最佳之一 受不公正待遇

Although the Mourinho took over the Manchester United pointer this season, the Red Devils still did not achieve a strong rebound in the last eight Premiership League won only one game, leading the leaderboard in the championship up to 13 points, but in the eyes of Bo Cetino , The Portuguese is still one of today's top football coach. "I like Mourinho, I and his relationship is very good. A lot of coaches behavior worse than he, but he is a special one, so many people, the referee and the media are concerned about him.He is a special one, And always a special one. "

"How to get Mourinho and other coaches, other coaches will be worse, but other people are not so into the magnifying glass.He is one of the best coaches, although some of the coaching period will be some struggle. In fact, coaching the new club, the idea of ​​their own football to instill the team is not an easy thing for me, he is one of the best football coach history. "Boqie Tino so mad praise Mourinho .

Both teams have played in Europe in the week, but Spurs have more time to rest. "Yes, we have one more day to prepare than our opponents." Indeed, on Thursdays and Thursdays It's hard to play the game on a continuous basis, but it's hard for us to face an opponent like Manchester United, although we have one more day of rest, they are a good team, a lot of good players and a strong lineup. Used to rotate, and such a great team competition will be very difficult.


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