[FIFA News] Messi super-year salary was rejected Manchester City led the local tyrants ho berserk

When the Spanish "Marca" and "World Sports Daily" on Massey is willing to renew the fight when the handsome, according to the British "Sun" message, Massey once to the Barcelona high-rise demand for up to 825,000 pounds weekly , But was rejected, which is difficult to reach an agreement between the two reasons. Although Manchester City is considered a possible future destination Messi, but the British media revealed that Manchester United are willing to sign Messi.

Messi's current contract expires in 2018, after Barcelona renewed Busquets, Nei Maer and Javier Mascherano (data) and others, but the Argentine world number one contract has been no movement. "Marca" pointed out that Messi in June rejected the Barcelona renewal request, and "World Sports Daily" said in December of this year, when Massey's father Jorge arrived in Barcelona, ​​the two sides will Open contract negotiations.

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British "Sun" brought a very different story, it is reported that Messi hopes to get sufficient economic returns after the renewal, he asked up to 825,000 euros Barcelona weekly salary, but this was Barcelona's refusal, so , The two sides in the contract on the temporary no later.

In most media, if Messi left Barcelona, ​​then he will tend to join Manchester City, after all, Blue Moon has enough money, their ideas are similar with Barcelona, ​​very important point is that Manchester City's coach is Guardiola , Which is Messi worked, and Manchester City's two giants Bergiristan and Soriano is Messi's old acquaintance.

However, the "Sun" claimed that, in addition to Manchester City, Manchester United are also interested in signing Messi, but the premise is that Messi willing to leave the Nou Camp, only in such circumstances, the Red Devils will be shot.

An old Trafford insider pointed out that if Messi into the transfer market, then Manchester United will fight for the Argentine star to join, "If one day he wants to leave, then Manchester City will be his biggest hot destination , But we certainly are willing to sign this level of players FIFA 17 Coins.We certainly want to throw cash to compete, and Messi is Adidas's players, and our players Bogba, we certainly have their own advantages, but obviously we Will not blindly bid, unless Massey expressed the desire to come here.

British media further analysis, Messi's personal wishes or to stay in Barcelona, ​​he looked forward to retire in the Nou Camp, and Bartomech has promised to renew Messi, but once the two sides can not agree on the renewal, then Barcelona Or to guard against Messi leave, after all, Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris and some of the local tyrants have the ability to sign Messi.