[FIFA News] Mourinho ridiculed Chelsea bus tactics
As we all know, Mourinho tactics to defense known, especially in the face of teams, it is good at bus tactics, the first Portuguese coach Chelsea when relying on this play even won two Premier League titles. However, now coaching Manchester United's Mike Mussina is very disdain. Conti is now coaching Chelsea also use this tactic.

穆帅嘲讽蓝军大巴:1-0就防守 这根本没法追

After a 11-game winning streak, Chelsea now have six points ahead of the Premiership, Mourinho's Manchester United more than 13 points, even though in this 11-game winning streak, Chelsea had 4-0 so impressive Deep big score to beat Manchester United, but in the past 3 games, the Blues are only won the opponent 1-0. To this end, Mourinho in praise of Manchester United attack at the same time, satirical old club into a goal after the full defense.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Mourinho said: "You must be frank, win the league title is very difficult, not only because of the poor points behind, but also because of Chelsea's tactics.After they scored a goal, they They can win, in the last 20 minutes, they continue to increase the defensive staff, they do not care what people say, how people think, they just want to win, because it is so that they can win the game, , I do not think they will lose many points, simply can not recover.

Obviously, Mourinho is now offering a psychological warfare, but this time his opponent is coaching the same style of passionate Conti, do not know how Mussina will receive a hit back, but to be sure, Manchester United World War II Chelsea this season, the second leg of the league will certainly be more exciting.

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